Fast Travel Items

I learned from to videos that if you fast travel to a location (that you weren’t already at) you can “dupe” items.
I know that: 1. the items have to be lying there and not in a loot box 2. you have to fast travel to a different safehouse and then back, I tried using field radios and they don’t work.
I know of three locations

    • The hotel on Himjhall island has two adrenaline hypos, you can fast travel to wherever you want (preferably the closest safehouse) and back then the hypos will respawn and you can loot again, if all the suitcases are unlooted you can easily walk away with 8-12 adrenaline if you loot the suitcases and stuff
    • if you head slightly northwest from the resistance tunnels in the farmlands close to the south coast border there’s a house for a mission I can’t remember the name of, in the house is a paramedics bag and a field radio you can easily farm this despite it being 250 meters away from the tunnels safehouse, you can be stupid or you can be smart: be stupid and walk, OR use a field radio to get there much more quickly, but only AFTER you fast travel to and from the tunnels and some other one of your choice.
    • I can’t remember the name of the safehouse but it has 8 flares and is 500 or so meters north from stenhega farm you can fast travel to and from these safehouses easily racking up 200 flares. the flares are in a garage if you walk away from the safehouse building

does anyone have their own place like these? possibly with items not listed?
(sorry if I butchered names and left some out, terrible name recollection, and I don’t speak swedish)

Edit: the importance of paramedic bags are huge because if you scrap them you can get a lot of thread, I have problems finding thread to create medkits. they give you copper as well, but you can get a better amount from adrenaline see 1.

A-shots farming described here: Found a way to farm adrenalin

That is in the middle of water. :thinking:

circled one, it isn’t the farm. use the church southwest to fast travel from. I was thinking of something else

Items that appear in the world, i.e. laying on the floor or on shelves etc. respawn and always have.

There’s adrenaline at the hotel and the FOA on Himfjäll. Fireworks and an adrenaline at Fiskebäck, sticky flares at Lilla Harmanas. Dyvik has a tonne of flares too.

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thanks for the info, that’s why i created this topic, so that people would share locations with items freely sitting.

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That’s Dyviks Udde. Also a loc where “Strength in Numbers” side mission ends.

Also, i see that someone is using my relay beacon map. :grin:

As far as i’ve seen, there are few and far apart of which ones actually respawn. Since most (in my game at least) don’t. :thinking: And it’s these kinds of topics, that reveal locs where items do respawn to players, so, that players can revisit them.

I have one:
From the a-shot farming loc (linked above), travel further NW to Lilla Hagbo. Enter the house (parkour to the 2nd floor balcony), make your way to 1st floor and into WC. On the WC’s water tank, there’s a-shot sitting which always respawns for me.

So, when i need 2 a-shots, i fast travel to Stenudden Lighthouse safehouse, grab 1st a-shot from the back of the truck and go to Lilla Hagbo, to get my 2nd a-shot from the house. :slightly_smiling_face:

I now have a new one:

  • step 1: fast travel to the base in Forest Region, pick up the wood lying around, you should also grab the copper hiding next to the generator thing on the edge of the building area.
  • step 2: fast travel away to the nearest safe house (I think it’s the command bunker)
  • step 3: fast travel back, and repeat steps 1 and 2

There are more resources at the player base than just wood and copper.

Nearest is Hiker’s Barrack, NW from the base.

Btw, i tried fast traveling to there and it didn’t work. It worked when i fast traveled outside of the Forest region and then back.

weird, I play on ps4 and whenever I fast travel to the command bunker and back it always respawns, maybe the safehouse is too close?

Yes, it could be. Probably something to do with player visual seeing range.

Btw you missed the a shot on the Other tower in that video

You missed a textile on a bench close to that broken roof on the floor.


And i did it intentionally, since my understanding is that it is one-time pick-up only, without respawn. Due to that i didn’t include it into the video.

Yes, i did.

After recording, i did found some additional textile but since i covered most of the resources, i figured that it’s good enough. Especially since players can easily respawn them all by Fast Traveling out of the region and then back. :slight_smile:

There are more resources, outside of the base area, that respawn. E.g SE from the base, at the edge of the broken bridge, bunch of Steel is placed there and that too respawns.