February Update 2023 - News


Hello, Resistance fighters!

New Update is coming!!! :tada:

So, it’s gonna be on 21st of February and it will have a lot of fixes, which is very nice! :+1:

In this topic we will talk about things related to this update so keep your eyes peeled on the social media.

New Features:

  • New Collectables (Safehouse Hints)

  • 6 New Free Weapon Skins

  • 5 New Paid Weapon Skins (Camo Weapon Skins Pack)

  • Base Building / Base Assault Mission Revamps (Building Blocks)

  • Main Menu Revamps

  • In-Game DLC Showcase

  • Semla Event

  • New Bug / Crash Fixes



New collectables are coming! :grinning:

So excited for these new collectables, because they are a really good addition for new players! :+1:


I don’t know if it’s helpful or necessary…
If you’re able to see the structure, then you’re more than close enough to already have it on your compass, that guides you there…

At least it is one more collectible to gather. But how many are there? One for each safehouse?

At least a nice bonus for those who have to capture all safehouses again, if the bug got fixed, which caused them to disappear.

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New skins are finally coming, and they are looking sick!!! :sunglasses:

My favourite skins are the Resistance ones. :+1:


  • Möller PP

  • Klaucke 17

  • Kpist SMG

  • HP5

  • Bränboll Bat


The bat, the HP5, the left möller :heart_eyes:

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Is the drop rate and machines dropping the Vintovka being resolved in this update?


I don’t know exactly, but I think so. Pontus said that the drop rate will be fixed in the next update. :+1: He also said that the Vintovka will drop also from Wolfs, not only from the Firebird.

They can be a little bit helpful for some safehouses that are hidden, for example there are some caves or camps, hidden in the forest that can be hard to find them. :+1:

I think there’s one photo of each safehouse, except Yttervik, Iboholmen Church and bunkers.

Me personally I like to see new collectables, there are just really fun to find! :grinning:

I hope we will get some improvements in weapon skin system, like when we pick up a new skin, we should have a display to see how it looks and what weapon is it. :+1:

Not only that. I hope they stick and not have to be added again if you shift to another character and back again.

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No, it is not getting fixed this patch


Cant they just give us 3 skins per weapon?
We would need to farm rivals or do certain weapon kills to unlock them.
You know…the way it is in most games?
A few examples
Far cry
Ghost Recon
Metal Gear last games

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5 new camo weapon skins are coming!!! :smiley:

They are looking very good! :+1:

So we will have in-game weapon skins for almost every weapon which is very cool :sunglasses:


  • AI-76 Assault Rifle

  • AG 5

  • Kvm 59 Machine Gun

  • 12G Pump-Action Shotgun

  • PVG 90

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They should be free.
Camo skins that are as expensive as weapon DLC makes no sense.

They are free content. :smiley: They said that most of the players were complaining about the price of the DLC so they decided to add some free camos, which is great :+1:

These are not free. They will be a part of the already existing dlc, They are basically just updating the dlc so if you don’t own it you still have to buy it to get these new skins. Seems like they are desperate for people to buy this dlc…
If this is the way they are trying to fix the “price” issue, then I am very concerned

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The advent of micro-dlcs has been the ruin of GZ ongfr.


Ah, you’re right! I didn’t notice that. The good part is that we will get some free skins :smiley: The Team is doing a really good job with GZ and we need to understand that every money is a step in making GZ better. :slightly_smiling_face: Most of the players were kinda disappointed about this DLC and now this pack is containing 15 camos which is worthy.

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How many USD to fix weapon drop rates?


They are a small team and they are trying to fix this as fast as they can. :+1: