[Feedback] Dangerous Experiments Crafting Rework

So I noticed a couple of issues with the latest introduced with the latest update that I’d like to bring up:

Ammunition Packs are more cost-effective than crafting ammo.

One ammo pack is one Grenade (2 Explosive/4 Plastic) and one Car Battery EMP (2 Electrolyte/4 Rubber)
One set of 3 X .50BMG is 4 Explosive and 2 Lead or 8 Steel

Each use of an ammo pack gives 10 .50BMG depending on you have loaded and has 3 uses.

There’s obviously a clear disparity here.

Fuel Cells / EMP cells dropped from enemies still require 10 to break down.

10 Harvester/Tank-sized large fuel cells break down into 4 Accelerant/8 Lead/2 Steel
One craft of gasoline (100) requires 4 Accelerant/2 Lead

I’m pretty sure this is an oversights or a somewhat entertaining jab at current fuel prices. However, considering how big the fuel tank is (considering it’s the same one that powers a tank) the recipe might need additional tuning.

Explosive Gas Tanks are available before Compressed Air tanks, which they require.

Might be intentional, but compressed air tanks are lower on the schematic list than explosive tanks; meaning you can’t craft them without finding them in the world. And explosive gas tanks are much more common than compressed air tanks anyway.

Batch Crafting

It would be nice if there were a toggle to allow 3x/5x/10x/20x crafting. It’d speed things up considerably.

Experimental Medkits not worth it.

The change to crafting hasn’t affected basic crafts too much since salvaging has similar ratios. However, the two experimental medkits (and Tar/Radioactive ammunition to a lesser degree), have been hit too hard. I understand the nerf for other ammo types like explosive and especially shock ammo, but the medkits and tar/radioactive ammunition have downsides and short durations.

These are the most obvious issues introduced, but others may have more.

Yes there’s a second thread, I mis-clicked and deleted it with no idea how to undo it.


Shock ammo brought experimental AG4 and Klaucke up the the power of Exp KvM and PvG, I don’t know what was wrong with that, still two weapons dominate the entire field, exp ammo closed that gap on some weapons for the cost of resources, because 7.62 and .50 were always on the positive as soon as a player has the first level of the ammo finder perk.

Agreed on the batch recycle for fuel cells and and such, likely an oversight and maybe it is time to adjust the weight of fuel cells according to their size while we’re at it

This might not be the exact spot.
But we can make everything besides the Fireworks box.
Its a really fun equipment.

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Don’t forget the semla and tick pods. And gnome tick pods.

besides gnome pods that are more deadly, the others arent really useful.

  • semla gives low health and are a swedish special event.
  • tick pods give low damage and anyone with the perk can obtain them
    Fireworks box attracts a LOT of attention and distracts the enemies better than normal fireworks and normal flares do, effect lasts longer.

Fireworks I understand as event-exclusive/rare since they are so strong, but maybe make them a drop from rivals instead of dang gas tanks?

The same way certain resources can now be found yes, that would be a good way to get them.

I’d just love to see them guaranteed seasonal drop. Something you can’t await to get more from.

Maybe there could be other seasonal items, too. Explosive pumpkins in october, explosive toy rabbit lures in april,…

More ideas?

Or if not batch crafting, a slider to choose how much ammo to craft.

  • Carnival masks and more firework boxes in end february/early march(Carnival time), after the Semla event (february)
  • Grenades as eggs during Easter and small robotic rabbits as enemies.
  • Explosive pumpkins and machines with Red “auras” during Halloween
  • Snowmen machines that attack us and remote explosive presents during Christmas
  • New year with more firework boxes

I don’t think that changing the machines or adding seasonal machines would fit everyones taste. As option in the settings (allow seasonal changes) ok, but not in general.

Adding some seasonal items or weapons instead would fun.

For August we could have the Swedish delicacy surströmming.

It could give a small health like semla and be used in a trap for machines. When you shoot it it gives away a small gas cloud that damage the machines.

What about a short stamina boost instead of health?