Firework Box Availability

The Firework box is a very fun item to use in Generation Zero
Although it´s in the game, it´s not available unless it´s unlocked just like the KVM59 was or the Halloween outfits that are limited time only.
I ask the Devs, can you please make it a random drop but all time available item?

In Action


It would make a lot of sense to be able to craft something similar out of a number of fireworks and e.g. some adhesive and some thread. I could really use something to distract hordes of machines for a while longer than a single stick currently does…

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Those boxes are very nice, I too would like them to be added to the game permanently so we could have more fun with them. Also right now we have a limited amount of them and that amount aren’t growing!


When did you get them?
I ask because i dont see how we can get them right now.

Got some from a friend, he got them a very long time ago.

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Maybe they are just available around december 31st? :thinking:

Would make sense.

Short question:

Will the firework boxes be available in the next days?

I dont have the information, this is just a feature request, i wont be playing the game till the next update comes.
You can always try for a few hours though.

Well, would you look at that?

Does anyone know where to find this schematic? Is it in a fixed location, or is it drop loot?


Holy s##t! we can craft most of the stuff now!!! (soon)

Its not meant to be visible yet like the rest of the equipment you see there but the medkits

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What do you mean? Are you saying it’s a bug? I thought it was just the UI (finally) telling us about all the schematics we hadn’t found yet. Although… it is strange that the ingredients are revealed before you’ve found the schematic. Maybe you’re right, maybe it is a bug.

Either way, the fact the schematic is in there! This implies it will be possible to make the firework box once you have the schematic and the ingredients (which, surprisingly, doesn’t include fireworks…). Now all I want to know is how to find the schematic.

Looks like some stuff that wasn’t supposed to be added in got carried with the update.
It might be hotfixed out, though I think for now we’ll have to consider it a sneak-peek of
what to come :slightly_smiling_face:

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A very good sneak-peek.!

Just to give at least to two of these scematics an answer.
The both ones with 6* can be a reward for making the base-defence-mission and are not new.

I just got the new DLC, and the schematics for all three kinds of G79 ammo were available right away.

I can only hope the firework box schematic will be added in the next few months…


Its a trick to get alot of it, I did 180min of fast lootingin in South Coast Region anf found 50.
You need to have minimum of 20 in your box if you want them to spaw more.