Firework Box Availability

The Firework box is a very fun item to use in Generation Zero
Although it´s in the game, it´s not available unless it´s unlocked just like the KVM59 was or the Halloween outfits that are limited time only.
I ask the Devs, can you please make it a random drop but all time available item?

In Action


It would make a lot of sense to be able to craft something similar out of a number of fireworks and e.g. some adhesive and some thread. I could really use something to distract hordes of machines for a while longer than a single stick currently does…

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Those boxes are very nice, I too would like them to be added to the game permanently so we could have more fun with them. Also right now we have a limited amount of them and that amount aren’t growing!


When did you get them?
I ask because i dont see how we can get them right now.

Got some from a friend, he got them a very long time ago.

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I also had a friend drop me some along with the gnome pods and the little cake things…Not to good at restoring health.

Maybe they are just available around december 31st? :thinking:

Would make sense.