Feedback for update with reaper and expanded crafting

This will be a thread with everyone’s thoughts about the recent update featuring the reaper and expanded crafting. My thoughts are below.

The reaper has shaken the world of generation zero. The machine is able to put up a fight worthwhile. The main aspects of this machine are the new mechanics with shield and a nuke like detonation decimating machines and players. I have found this machine to be extremely lethal and a perfect match for experimental pvg 90 users. The loot like the fight, is extremely satisfying, a high chance to claim new experimental weapons, plenty of ammo and new clothing sets. I have found this machine to satisfy my trigger finger. The crafting system is very straightforward, you are now able to craft medical kits and ammunition. This update is more on terms of a “quality of life” addition. I was not very impressed as this should have been in the game before. I am still waiting for the ability to craft weapons not found by scavenging.

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