[Feedback Request] 4C AG4 drops from Harvesters - your input needed!

If you’re experiencing the bug where Harvesters drop too many 4C AG4s and are playing on PC, please upload your savefile to a secure file transfer platform like Google Drive or Dropbox and link it below!
Those who have done so previously are asked to link their file here again anyway.

Also mention as many of these details as you can:

  • Which platform are you playing on?
  • How often does it happen (how many times per hours / how many % of harvester kills)
  • Which activity were you doing when it happened?
  • Did you complete any notable milestones before it started happening?

This will help us a lot in reproducing and fixing the issue.
Thank you!

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100% of Harvester Kills and Any time I kill a harvester
Anything when a harvester is destroyed
It’s been happening for so long now that I cannot remember when or where it started

On XB1s. I didn’t have this issue untill the most recent update awarded me with it. 100% of harvesters killed will drop it regardless of what I’m doing or where I’m doing it. This includes any “random” multiplayer session I may join or in my own 4 worlds set to invite only. Before the update I was unaffected by this and could farm for 5c dlc weapons from them now it’s just 4c ag4 EVERY TIME.

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In my last session (Singleplayer) there was a 100% success for getting a 4c AG4 from harvesters.

sadly this bug is still not fixed!

  • xbox one
  • 4* ag4 from every damn harvester

so boring :frowning:

It’s gotten to the point I don’t kill harvesters anymore I farm their spawned back up then move on.

shhh now its a gold mine for gun parts heh


Haahhh, right… The Harvester’s ‘Curse of the Purple AG4’ has now become ‘The Harvester’s Blessing of Weapon Parts’…

For a while, I dedicated a spare character to collecting all the Purple/4C AG4s I got from Harvesters. Finally scrapped them all, yesterday. Around 190. No idea how many I had scrapped before that.

I think they had actually lifted the curse, at some point. For just a short while, some time before the augmenting came about… Then the curse started back up, after another update, again a while before augmenting…

I can confirm as well I’ve found 4C AG4s in the last couple harvesters I’ve killed.

are they ProtoType harvesters

Should be harvesters of any tier. I’ve reproduced this myself and QA is having another look at it!


Right, ALL Harvesters, no matter the class/tier. Prototypes, Apocalypse, Rival or not, doesn’t matter.

If you have the ‘Curse/Blessing’, you’ll always get a Purple/4C AG4.

It doesn’t seem to prevent other weapons/loot from dropping, except for maybe other tier versions of the AG4.

maybe it’s the month of the Purple AG4 , :rofl:, some glitches I really can’t understand, :face_with_monocle:, why it wasn’t the 3, 5, 2, 1, it boggles the mind, just doesn’t make sense

another XB1 user here having the same issue 100% of the time.

I did not destroy the ritual…

I’ve encountered this, too, playing on PC/Steam.
But it doesn’t really bother me, as the 4C AG4 is always a “bonus” to the loot table and works as a reliable and steady source of 7 weapon parts… :grimacing:
So no complaints from my side… :man_shrugging: :wink:

Heyo everyone! We’ve looked into this more and there is a fix for it in the next update. Please let us know if you’re still seeing excessive AG4s in harvesters after the update!


Hey Carni. Great news.
Can you already tell us, when we can expect the update approximiatly?

Nope! It’ll be a surprise :smiley:

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March 26th would be nice.
Not so far AND 5th anniversary.