Feedback request - High pitched TV noises

Heyo! We’re currently discussing the issues some players have been having with the noise the “Standby Broadcast” TVs make in GZ. (It’s a high-pitched test tone on TVs displaying the multi-colored test pattern. One user reported having their tinnitus triggered by it and others also had some issues with it.

Does anyone else have an issue with the high-pitched noises from some TVs? Feel free to add to the thread below!

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I personally don’t, but I’m a big advocate for accessibility in games and I’m friends with people who have the disability, so it’s perfectly understandable if this can be adjusted somehow.

There is a thread that is 1 year old that was about this very same thing


I’ll check that out and add it!

Yes, please do!

The “test tone” has the exact wrong frequency for me at least!

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