Few suggestions: Clothing loadout saves and Delaying of weapon reload

I don’t know if those have been suggested already, but I’ll put them out there anyway. What I think could be cool is to have loadout saves for clothing. I find it a little annoying having to switch each piece of clothing, because I like to play R&G sometimes, but I also like to play stealthy and prepare against an enemy that I know uses fire and/or explosives.

Secondly, I would like to have the possibility of delaying the pumping of the shotgun or the racking of the bolt on a sniper rifle, kinda like in Arma. Because of the animation, it makes it hard to see where the bullets travel when shooting at long distances. So either stopping our character from working the pump/bolt by holding down click after shooting. That’d be awesome.


Your 1st idea has been suggested before, long time ago, in here: Clothing presets

As your 2nd idea goes, i see good use of it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I second the ‘delay’ in weapon handling - it’d be of great tactical use, and it’s a nifty idea for drawn-out battles to actually see if you’re doing damage.

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It could be done exactly like in The Hunter C.O.T.W. which has 2 options - for manual reloading and manual chambering.

Yes I believe @SR_Carni mentioned about it recently. Pre set suits are a great feature, especially when you may need it for an event.

An anniversary of some sort maybe :thinking:

Something like this?

I didn’t think of Presets in that thread, but that’s a REALLY good addition to it!

Are you part of the development team for Generation Zero?

Hello, no :). I’m a community leader who does this as a hobby.

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