Fictional robot/AI battle royale

Fictional robot/AI battle royale: who comes out on top

I say Ultron. He has incredible intelligence and the resources to make anything his extremely clever mind can come up with.

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It depends on what Ai’s are in it because several different Ai’s could overpower him. Now we have to talk about what suit or armor he is using is it his 1, 2, 3 if so who is he fighting and what rank of weapons do they have and if they aren’t getting their strongest why is that so? If you think ultron would win why is that so?

S.H.O.D.A.N. will have high score, for sure. Being quite a killer and means to do so.
Helios (the one Daedalus+Icarus) s*xx, because it had ONE job and according sequel it failed it spectacularly.
I’m not sure about the Red Queen. I didn’t dig that series to say certain. And her MO are bioweapons/weaponized mutations, as far as I heard.
FNIX is similar, but it is on more outdated hardware, quite “early access” stage and works with machines.
HAL2000… nah, it won’t even able to compeete.
SkyNet? see FNIX but on more advanced hardware than Red Queen.
KITT and KARR… Really what they can do themselves without external help, being cars?
SCP-079 is quite malicious. But currently being kept in the “infancy” stage by containing it on veeeeery old and limited hardware. No one want’s it to get access to something as advanced as even 90s PCs and ANY networks.

Hmm… tough call.

I have 3 contenders, where i’m not sure who would come ontop:

I’m leaning towards Necrons though.

TARDIS, but it’s debatable that she’s AI.

All of these are debatable but has anyone considered Glados?
The technology from portal is very high ranking in power. Because if used right portals could get someone stuck in a never ending loop of which they can’t escape unless a new portal is shot

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While Glados is high-tech... (spoler alert)

she doesn’t have access to Portal Gun. Also, in Portal 2, the player easily destroys Glados with little effort. And then takes the hardship to restore Glados to her former glory again.

What about Peabody and Atlas from the multiplayer
Aren’t they of equal stength

Here, it depends who is controlling them. Also, i can’t say how durable their bodies are. E.g it may take one shot from .50 cal into dead-center of their body, to drop them.

And while Portal Gun has neat ability, you’ll need flat surface where to shoot the portal on. E.g you can’t shoot the portal at a tree or on grassy ground. (If we would consider the Portal 2 mechanics.)

That makes sense but what if Chell (I am pretty sure that’s her name) got her consciousness uploaded into a durable robotic casing then it would be Chell who is controlling it then how would it end up?

Depends who she is facing. But overall, the main downfall is the single entity.

For example:

  • Borg would assimilate Chell into their hive mind, once captured.
  • Replicators will eat the robot casing.
  • And Necrons are basically gods in a robotic shell.

All three vastly outnumber Chell.

You have a point but if every ai to ever exist was in there then if should result in a tie, one person wins or at the lowest chance nobody wins

Actually, then it would be another form of Borg or Kree’s Supreme Intelligence (from Marvel Universe) since both are AI hive minds.

With hive minds, it’s difficult to classify them after conquest.
For example, if Supreme Intelligence (e.g total size of 70 km3) would assimilate Borg (with total size of e.g 200 km3), what it would be called? :thinking:
Supreme Intelligence? Since it absorbed Borg.
Or perhaps Borg? Since most of it is now Borg.

Also, there wouldn’t be a winner between the two since both still exist. But now, as single entity, rather than two, separate entities.

Actually, I have changed my mind. I say Brainiac. He is way smarter than Ultron. And he has a shrink ray.

Necrons arent an AI though, so they are disqualified.

The winner would be whose code is controlling the other code, or the looser would be whose code was absorbed and disassembled and chopped up and re-used.

You dont turn into a cow for eating cowbrain, do you?

OP stated that “any robot/AI”, and thus Necrons are valid.

The Necrons are a completely robotic humanoid species whose technological prowess is probably unmatched by any of the other intelligent species of the galaxy.

Cant say “Necrons” like the entire Species, since they do not have a hive mind, or AI. You need to pick a Necron unit. As you linked, they are a species, how ever that works. Or Maybe you mean Necron as in the basic Foot soldier Necron?

Doubt that Unit would stand much of a chance. Maybe you are not that familiar with warhammer 40K lore?

Hive mind or AI aren’t the only two requirements in this topic.

For example: OP came forth with Brainiac. Brainiac is alien being who does not have hive mind nor is he an AI. Instead, Brainiac is living, sentient being, depicted as android or cyborg.

Why i can not include the entire species? Because it wouldn’t be fair for other contenders? :thinking:

Why there’s a need to bring forth e.g Optimus Prime or Megatron, rather than Cybertronians as a whole?
Or Borg Drone, rather than Borg Collective as a whole?
Or Replicator Beetle Bug, rather than Replicators as a whole?
Or Ronan the Accuser, rather than Kree as a whole (including Supreme Intelligence)?

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