Fighting Tanks Causing Crashes


Platform:Xbox One

**Description:2 crashes within 30 minutes while fighting 3 Tanks, 5 Hunters and 3 Runners at Stenmyra church safehouse

**Steps To Reproduce: I threw flare and Tank fired rockets.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Client

Players in your game: 2 (including me)


Crash Every Few Minutes

Thanks for the report! I’ve also experienced this. Most of the time it feels like it’s related to Tanks specifically… Me and a friend theorized that EMP rounds might have had something to do with it, perhaps interrupting the Tank’s charging ability but we can’t be sure.

It also seems to happen right at the start of a session… If I go for a longer session then attack a Tank, it doesn’t crash. Not sure what to make of it :thinking:


The only thing I can concur on is that both crashes occurred when engaging tanks. I’m unsure as to what EMP rounds you are referring to? As i’m not certain as to whether EMP rounds were involved in both of the crashes. If you mean the throwing kind, I didn’t use those. I was using them last night however against a tank and I experienced no crashes or errors of any kind.


EMP rounds for the Grenade Launcher. Me and my friend experienced two crashes, both from fighting Tanks with them. But it could just be Tank-related in general, not just specifically with a weapon.


Ah yes of course, I forgot about those as I haven’t found any for quite some time. I agree that I think it’s definitely tank related.


I’ve taken the liberty of changing the topic’s title a bit, to reflect the issue.


Makes sense. Thank you.


As of the September patch this is still an issue. I’m 100% sure this has to do with Tanks now, I fought one just now after installing the update and the game just froze, dumping me back to desktop with no crash report.


Maybe it’s just “Tanks”. I got “cornered” in a barn last night by two Tanks while looting. I managed to stay hidden. They only entered non full search mode briefly and got completely peaceful again. They simply wandered back and forth at the farm for several minutes (one of them repeatedly against a truck) with me observing them.

No sign of anything … just crashed to desktop out of the blue. Never had this happen before either.


I tested this theory. Ran a looooing fighting session (which I recorded, if anyone wants to I can upload it) and I fought like, 20 Hunters and Runners across the northern plains with no issues. Went out of my way to attract as big groups as possible, but the game ran fine.


Anyone in our group that is a Client / guest crashes often, we will see if tanks are a common thread. Cheers.


I just found this thread. Could it be the same problem as the one I reported earlier today?


Yeah, there’s definitely some similarities there. Like… Whatever makes the tank charge, can make the game crash. It doesn’t happen every time, so I wonder what it could be. I’m tempted to give the devs a poke about this issue next week.