Finding better guns

I have been looking for a decent Kipst for the longest time. All I seem to find is the grey and green types. Is there a place I should be looking to try and find better types of weapons?

I just took out the reaper and multiple level four rivals yesterday and there was nothing I needed in any of them. They only had ammo and crafting materials. I thought I saw somewhere that maybe I should check the northern area and head back to Hjimmfall (sorry about butchering the spelling) to see about possibilities there.

If you have any suggestions or tips I would appreciate them. Thank you!

What platform ? If PS4 I can give you one,

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If you’re on PC, i can give you Experimental Kpist, among other weapons. :wink:

But for better grade weapons, look into Mountains, Marshlands and North Coast regions.

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Alas Im on PS4 but I appreciate the offer!

When your character is level 25 just farm rivals until you get an exp kipist, trust me if you like the normal SMG this thing is the next level

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Go north, better weapons and enemies.

Or look here.


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