Five Crown Auto4 please?

Is there anywhere on the map a five crown Auto4? I can’t get on with the AI-76, or the 5.56, and I have an “Exceptional” Auto4 but want the 5-star one. Has anyone seen one anywhere? Especially, we want it on a shelf on its own (so it doesn’t morph into something else when you open the box), but I’ll go and find any one that anyone has seen.

I don’t think so. You need to kill a Fnix harvester or tank and have some luck.
Edit: a lot of luck

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Have you tried Norrmyra Artillery Base?
I have found a few 4 and 5 star weapons there, it changes everytime I visit so maybe you will have luck.
A thing to mention though, I search every house, shed, etc. Always a great place to stock up.


I’ll swap you for an All Module / or 5* Magnum

It’s 5 crown silencer, and mag as well.

I already have that :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip - I’ll have that in mind when looking for 5-star weapons! :+1: :sunglasses:

All of my 5 star are drops from tanks I/we Killed. Found it in the carcass myself or a friend found it but already had one so gave it to me. I collected 50 cal ammo without having a sniper rifle. Had two posts and voila. The tank left me a 5 star sniper. The same I think happened with 5,56. Kept a stack without having a weapon and then the tank dropped a 5 star Ak5.

If i find a five-star .44 I’ll give you a shout. I don’t use one, so ignore them when I see them, but I have seen a 4* so I’ll keep a look out…

Haven’t got up there. Mission-wise, I am just finished with the South Coast, but I’ve been creating my own missions for the last two weeks and hunting weapons in unknown territory up North. Normyra, eh? I could probably find that, if i can get there unseen. Do you need anything special to get in?

@Bootie Nope its all open with the exception of one shed that needs a lockpick. Whats nice about it is the robots do not respawn with the exception of three ticks (one in each house) apart from that its just a wander round and collect away. I go there quite often to restock, there is a safe house just a couple of hundred meters away.


Grid reference? It sounds like one of my deep-penetration patrols…!

Wow!!! Just a pure chance or you are suggesting the looting algorithm tried to be cool with you?

Could be random. But considering that my first two 5 star was for ammo I had but lacked weapon. It could be worth trying. My second character is to weak for Fnix tanks and I won’t be playing mp this week. My main character is for our mp game. My friends are occupied with other things. So maybe someone else could give it a try.

I will try right now. I need a golden 270 hunting rifle. I will report soon. Hunting in Kaptensvillan.

Edit : nope, killed 3 harvesters got a golden 44 with golden scope. I continue.
Killed 3 harvesters and one tank: got a golden Kpist. I guess your looting rule @Terrorrobot does not work :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Very kind thank you.

@AliasDJA wants to do a swap for one of those! Look up the thread a ways…

@Bootie I know you, want a gold AG4, I do not have any. I have proposed you an AI76 but you changed your tactics to AG4.

I know - I’m incredibly grateful and everyone swears by the AI-76, but I’ve got both in Exceptional and the AG4 is more accurate, and according to the power bar hits harder (which on balance is my experience) and has a slightly lower rate of fire, which makes it more controllable, and less greedy of ammunition. My bet is that the 5*s are the same. I may be wrong, but it sits better on my screen, if that makes sense! And it’ll take a x4 sniper scope.

That 4* AG didn’t half chew up a Harvester when I tried it! Harvester never moved a muscle while it was being stitched… I think the difference between four and five stars is a large one. It’s like the perks, two points gets you a bit better, but the third is the money point. At least that’s what I hope!

Oh, do you know a grid reference for Normyra?

Here you are. If I find a gold AG4 I will give it to you.

Wow, that’s a long way North! Thankfully there are mountains and forests and not too many roads (they patrol the roads, which is why I never travel on them).

I see there’s a safe-house at the end of that track on the plateau above the base. If I can get to it, I can plan my assault :))

They might offer it to me just because most people don’t want it!