Fix the [Kvm 59/89] droprate please

Counting 120 apo tanks so far. Still no golden kvm 89. The droprate is so broken now. There is nothing left for me ingame except of hunting those weapons, thats why I am that crazy to kill that many tanks over and over again. Taking that poor droprate in account most people who play the game the intended way will never ever see that gun ingame.


Well, one could argue, it is fixed.
See, it’s RNG.
You got bad luck for you, I had for me dropping one golden LMG of each in the first 2 Apo I encountered.
Preferred to have been in your situation, sir, believe me.
So, I am screwed in my own way, just like you.
AAAH, ain’t RNG just awesome. lol

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One of the forum members made quite a detailed post about the drop rate in his/hers game,
link: Drop rates for MG and gear/clothes need a tweak

Though, as said above, drop rate is random and some get luckier than others.

For example: i have dropped 30-ish apo tanks and so far, my KVM collection isn’t much better. What i have:
1* KVM 59 - found during main mission (known spawn point)
3* KVM 89 - found from abandoned military base (known spawn point)
3* KVM 89 - found from apo hunter
5* KVM 89 mag - found from apo tank
5* KVM silencer - found from apo tank
2* KVM compensator - found from apo runner

And that’s it for me. Only KVM weapon that i’ve gotten so far from apo enemies is the 3* KVM 89. There have been no other weapon drops for me. Also, haven’t seen any KVM 59 mag mods either, regardless the quality. So, there’s that.

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Heyo, please mind your language when starting topics. I’ve edited it for more clarity.

I do agree on the droprates for the new guns being a bit low. It’s definitely something that can be tweaked.

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It shouldn’t be too hard to implement a system where the drop rate for weapons would increase with the number of machines you have killed (EDIT: Or participated in killing for MP, see below).
For each 5- and 6-star weapon, each time you kill the relevant machine, and don’t get the weapon, the drop rate would increase slightly for that weapon. In this way, at some point you would reach a number of machines killed where the drop rate would be in your favor. When you then get that particular weapon, the drop rate is reset to the default.
For instance, I don’t think it would be too much to ask that if you have killed 100 FNIX or APOC tanks, the drop rate should be around 50% for the weapons they are carrying that you didn’t get yet.
With this system, you could say the grind would be limited to a certain threshold, that can vary from weapon to weapon… :thinking:


That works only in SP, but not in MP.

Example: 1x apo tank + me and someone else.
I do the heavy lifting, damaging the tank to near death and when it only needs 1x more shot, i fall into weapon reload. 2nd bloke who is with me gets the kill shot and according to your formula, increase on his/hers drop rate.
Why would i, who did most of the work, spending ammo and first aid kits, be left with nothing (no drop rate increase) while the one who stole the kill shot gets rewarded??? Yeah, that doesn’t happen.

Yes, the MP perspective… I figure you could make it so that all who contributed to the kill would get an incremental increase, which could even be scaled to the amount of damage you had dealt. It was just an idea, described for SP yes, but I think it could be tweaked to work for MP as well.
You make it sound like there is no solution, but there definitely is… :wink:


I’ve collected full 5* set for KVM 59 after 200 Tanks and Harvesters elimination))Need to kill another 200 for KVM 89 :joy::joy::joy:

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I heard today that the kvm 59 is no longer in the loot pool right now. Is this true?

April Fools joke? :joy:

Haha I suppose that could’ve been the case. So the exp is still in there then?

It’s a good prank to fool players with. :grin:

But yes, KVM 59 is still in the loot pool. :slightly_smiling_face:

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