Fix your counters!

Ever since you started this ‘assignment’ stuff your counters have been wrong. I’m supposed to take out 5 Tanks, after 2 your counter says I’ve completed it. Right now I’m supposed to take out 5 Harvesters, I’ve taken out over a dozen yet your counter quit counting at 4. This has been going on ever since you started this.


There is already a topic for this.

It had the same with the harvesters.
And of course I don’t get any resistance-points for finishing an assignment.

But one thing. There already is a great topic about the assignments.

Well, now there’s another topic for discussion. Maybe, just maybe, somebody will see one of them and MAYBE do something.

They are doing something. They’ve been telling us so for months now.

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Since there’s already a report covering this issue, I’ll close this one.



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