Floating Objects etc PC part 2 - 1/6/19 onward

479.464,2599.265 Nasby floating stone wall
2954.971,2754.465 Iboholmen Castle floating grass outsde shed
-1999.599,2037.191 Knaperanna Farm floating phone + mission recorder
-2121.857,2627.615 Villa Kaseberg chair embedded in furniture
-1692.652,2599.326 Hinsevik Ferry Pier floating trash outside 2 door building
-3156.115,3830.344 Sillavik floating land texture layer over a lge area (doesn’t show up in photo)
-5022.440,1320.264 Bjorkvillan floating pot plant in house,floating shrubs around stairs of house

-4506.544,140.234 Muskudden Port Complex doing (“Back on Track”) mission. 3/4 concrete
wall blocking way.
3 door green shed still has lots of floating objects outside it.

moon blinking in and out at various locations.

-2387.837,1376.435 Sandbo tiled roof sticking through house.
-958.389,-3272.484 Rusksele floating tyres etc around red wood building near wood pile.
-1866.168,-2922.629 Hemmanskogen Logging Camp floating terrain layer and small hill
near log pile and green shed behind you.

1821.160,-2473.999 Kungsgarden unfinshed porch, just the top.building near water and boat.
-1868.246,-4300.141 Alnastet lot of branches in house with yellow and blue bikes outside.
branches in another.
256.213,-4233.500 floating light outside house.


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