Flying Objects & Lost and Found Bugged [Workaround for Flying Objects]

I’ve completed every objective of both quests but haven’t had them count as completed.


Can you provide some more details, like the platform you’re on? Use this template if you want.

Few days ago I did Flying Objects with 2 friends and after completing all objectives mission is staying in log as incomplete. Checked yesterday and nothing changed.

Platform: PC with DLC

Description: Can confirm Lost and Found is bugged, at least for me.

Steps To Reproduce: I killed all machines, then destroyed the container outside the bunker. The quest tracker updated to ‘Destroy the machine fuel cell shipment 1/7’. Then in one shot I destroyed the three containers inside and the tracker updated to ‘Destroy the machine fuel cell shipment 7/7’. And then the quest doesn’t update. In my quest log I noticed I don’t have the second mission item either, but both quest objectives are checked off.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: Just me

Specifications: Don’t know the specs unfortunately. But everything runs smooth in high/ultra.

Thanks for the report. I’m on PC as well and I haven’t done this mission yet, I’ll do it and see if I can reproduce the results.

Yup it’s same here on Xbox one with the lost and found quest
Players in game: just me

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I can indeed confirm that this mission is bugged since the November Update.


Same for me on xbox one

I did Flying Objects today without issues. I am on PC.

Maybe it got hot fixed with the recent Alpine hot fix?

Hey all :wave:

We are aware of the issue for “Lost And Found” and it has been verified as fixed in-house.

We have also recently fixed an issue with “Flying Objects” where, similar to the mission above, the mission wouldn’t complete despite having completed all objectives.

No promises, but fixes for both of these missions should be included in the next patch.

Thank you for your patience, and thanks for reporting! :pray:


I have the same problem on the ps4.

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Just ran into the Flying Objects issue myself. Glad to hear it’s being worked out. Since the mission is being in limbo with all objectives completed, does that mean that it’ll auto-complete at the release of December Update?

Hey @Zesiir :wave:

When loading up an affected save in a patch that contains the fix (yet to be released) it should either “auto-complete” (complete retroactively), or the mission will be reset and has to be completed again.

@Zesiir We have a potential workaround that you could try for completing the “Flying Objects” mission.

[Potential workaround] When blocked from completing the mission, try interacting with (or shooting) all of the FOUR flower pots around Dr. Ingrid Granqvist’s house (the house at the end of the mission) to complete it.

Let me know if that works for you! Thanks :pray:


That sounds a bit esoteric to me, tbh. :smile:

Those damn flowerpots. They’ve been the cause of a lot of glitches with this mission. Now we get our revenge… And it worked! :open_mouth:


Same thing on my PS4 (incl. last update), but described potential workaround with 4 flower pots is not working.


I have the same problem on ps4. On a mission lost and found.
Only after reaching my destination I have already destroyed one of the containers by robots
Because of this I can’t complete the mission.

sorry for the mistakes, my english is poor.

I come from Poland.

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How long until the next patch? I’m gonna go kill a bunch or robots but just curious

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Most likely at the end of the month. But we’ll have to see, with all the holidays coming up.