FNIX Rising - Patch Notes

It’s summertime and we’re kicking things off with the introduction of our second expansion - FNIX Rising! Like Alpine Unrest, the update alongside the expansion adds more to the game for everyone to enjoy, whether you decide to grab the expansion or not. There’s a lot in this update as we put in new content alongside some improvements and bug fixes so let’s get to what’s new!

New Expansion: FNIX Rising

Östertörn has undergone a significant change as FNIX starts to impose its influence on the land. The South Coast region is now dotted with a variety of machine structures that are in stark contrast to the once more traditional and peaceful landscape. There are also more signs of the battle that took place between the military and the machines in the early days of the uprising. Areas in the farmlands now show the scars of the battles that once took place there.

Once again we’ve added to the story of Generation Zero by introducing more missions, as well as showcasing some new, but familiar, faces. We think you’ll be happy to meet one of the more talkative ones who has some interesting theories. As FNIX continues to push itself, it’s also evolved one of its machines again by upgrading the Harvester to the Apocalypse Class. Like the other Apocalypse Class machines, the Harvester brings with it some deadly attacks - be particularly aware of it’s gas attack!

And of course, this expansion also brings with it a bunch of other things for you to enjoy. More apparel items, collectibles, Challenge trees, and achievements are included. And as you may have seen, we’ve also given you a new way to fight back against the machines - melee weapons! Utilize the brännboll bat and the sledgehammer to bash your way through the metal monstrosities that roam the lands!

Additions & Improvements

So what about the other bits that come with the update, the ones that you won’t need to get the expansion for? Well, it’s a mix of good stuff that we hope will improve the game for you!

Both the Apocalypse Class Harvester and the melee weapons have a chance to appear in the base game - but you’ll not see them very often. There is also a brand new Challenge tree to work through so that you can earn some rewards. On top of that, we’ve also expanded Apparel Crafting another 4 tiers so that you have more & better ways to customize your gear - take note, however, that there are now 3 new Crafting materials that you’ll need to gather (titanium, aluminium, tungsten). And for some of our long-term players, the inclusion of the ability to go prone will be a welcome return.

Ok, now for some of the improvements we’ve included, some of which is directly inspired by your feedback!

  • We’ve toned down the difficulty across the board based on overwhelming player feedback, while still challenging, it won’t be punishing - keep feeding back so we can fine-tune this as best as possible!
  • We’ve added the ability to switch your ammo type on a weapon with a single button press, without having to navigate to your inventory
  • The Experimental KVM 59 has now been permanently added to the Rival loot pool
  • Experimental weapon drop rates from Rivals has been increased
  • We’ve added an “Aim Toggle” option
  • The Mission based “Points of Interest” icons have been updated to make it more clear what the objectives are
  • We updated how the other team members are shown on the map to make it more visible for color blind users
  • The Stamina bar has been visually tweaked and now your stamina has a 2-second cooldown before it starts recovering after using stamina (ex. sprinting, melee swings)

Bug Fixes


  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where sometimes after unequipping and re-equipping weapons after loading the game after the last patch, HUD slots would disappear
  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where some locations did not register on the in-game map when discovered
  • Fixed an issue where your primary weapon would disappear from your HUD if you equipped and unequipped lots of attachments, then unequipped and re-equipped the primary weapon
  • Fixed an issue where a menu screen would be duplicated on top of another menu screen if you joined a multiplayer session while in that screen
  • Fixed an issue where icons would not be easily clickable if they were very near or stacked on each other in the map screen
  • Fixed an issue where the Skill “Stamina Amount” was incorrectly reducing your stamina regeneration rate
  • Fixed an issue with trying to spawn at a safehouse if other players are in the area due to the cursor selecting them instead of the dropdown options
  • Fixed an issue where attachments were not showing on the weapon in a player’s inventory, but did appear in-game
  • Fixed an issue where the vision mode selection while scoped would overlap with the equipment slots
  • Fixed an issue where Bunker Missions would automatically override your current Tracked Mission
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the “revive” and “abandon” options would not appear when a player entered the “downed state”
  • Fixed an issue where on rare occasions a player could get stuck in a revive state if they tried to open the inventory at the moment of death
  • Fixed an issue where the screen would not entirely go black when falling into water when using a screen resolution other than 16:9
  • Fixed an issue where the damage over time icon would overlap with the stance icon
  • Fixed an issue where the icon shown when looting a crate would be different than what is shown in the storage box
  • Fixed an issue where sounds were not playing when in the Collectibles menu
  • Fixed issues where the "&" symbol for all languages, the "#" symbol in Simplified Chinese and Japanese, and the "<" symbol in French were not correctly being re-bound
  • Fixed a few issues of missing text strings for locations


  • Fixed an issue with Break of Dawn where sometimes it would take a while for the ammo box to spawn
  • Fixed an issue with Break of Dawn where sometimes enemies would not spawn with the correct POI icon over their head
  • Fixed an issue with Break of Dawn where the Mission icon would stay above the Yttervik safehouse even after everything was completed
  • Fixed an issue with Nothing but the Snow where sometimes Hunters would not spawn
  • Fixed an issue with Hogging Supplies and Arms Race using the wrong Mission icon type


  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where Machine corpses were floating away or levitating
  • Fixed an issue where the Experimental KVM 59’s electricity would knock a Machine out of its EMP’d state
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes Rivals would not spawn even when the proper conditions were met
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes a Machine that was destroyed by a Granatgevär would have its debris turn pure black before despawning
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes a Tank would get stuck alternating between two animation states and would never fire
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the Tank would not engage with players who were attacking it from extreme distances
  • Fixed an issue where the Tank’s concussion attack range didn’t match the vfx
  • Fixed an issue where the Tank’s missile attack would fire, but not land, if the player was too far away
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the Tank would not play hit reaction vfx
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes a Harvester could not call in reinforcements
  • Fixed an issue where the Harvester’s launcher vfx were not synchronized with weapon firing


  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where heavy fog was present in part of the South Coast region
  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue in an intense light being seen in the Torsberga Fortress
  • [Community Report] Fixed several issues where an item or loot crate could not be looted due to its placement in the world
  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where Elsa was spawning in the wrong place
  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where a hole in the world allowed players to go underneath the Minken Bunker
  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue with floating lanterns in the Archipelago region
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes loot crates would spawn on top of each other
  • Fixed an issue where the Storage Box interaction icon was constantly showing up from a long distance at Dyvik safehouse
  • Fixed an issue with the fire damage area being too large near the burning wreckage in the South Coast region
  • Fixed an issue where a window in Boo Bruk AB could be broken but not shot through
  • Fixed an issue with “Stamina Recharge” not being applied when the player is moving
  • Fixed an issue with the Björk car where the wrong hood was used
  • Fixed various collision issues, LOD issues, floating object issues, and world texture issues


  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where sprint sometimes would stop working properly
  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where players were incorrectly able to loot “Chaff Rounds” for the Granatgevär
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes players with older save files would log in and instantly be encumbered
  • Fixed an issue with the “Crazy makeup” Face Paint would sometimes flicker for other players in a multiplayer session
  • Fixed an issue where the “Eye Patch Pirate” apparel item would blink along with the player
  • Fixed some issues with silenced weapons not using the proper sound variation depending on how close another player was to the weapon
  • Fixed an issue where the electricity vfx on the Experimental KVM 59 was incorrectly attached to the weapon barrel
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes deployable tick pods would not deploy a tick
  • Fixed an issue where friendly ticks would often explode too far away from an enemy to effectively do damage

Known Issues

We’re highlighting a few issues below that we know are pain points so that you know we are investigating them. There are definitely more than are listed here that we’re looking into.

  • In rare cases, all Machines may not spawn in the first Main Mission “Where the Sun Sets” in FNIX Rising, a workaround is to re-create your game session (quit game, then continue)
  • In rare cases, if a Host travels extremely far away from the Truck and travels back, the Truck will not respawn for the Host, a workaround is to re-create your game session (quit game, then continue)
  • In rare cases a host may not see some machines, but client players do
  • If players kill machines on top of places where the truck is meant to spawn, the truck will be blocked from spawning, a workaround is to have all players fast travel away from the location together or re-create your game session (quit game, then continue)
  • The “NUM/” and “NUM*” keys have issues with being re-bound on German keyboards
  • In the “Scout” Challenge tree, Tier 4 of “Off the Grid” will sometimes count the number of Harvesters incorrectly, completing the Challenge early
  • Sometimes a player’s weapon will hang in the air after fast travelling away
  • Destroying the sight organs of a Tank does not impair its sight ability
  • The reinforced truck can be inadvertently pushed off course by players or machines, but it will reorient itself
  • Missions that require you to kill X amount of Machines can be impacted by the number of players in the game, sometimes making the requirement go quicker than normal
  • Sporadically melee weapons will not play their follow-up swing animation when repeatedly pressing attack
  • Assigning Q to move left doesn’t work when aiming down sights or using binoculars
  • Some players are unable to complete “The Hellmouth” and “For the Sick and Injured” due to Machines not being correctly counted when destroyed
  • Some players are unable to complete “Science of Deduction” if they trigger the cave-in sequence before actually completing the Mission
  • Some players may be unable to complete the Minken Bunker Mission even after they are able to gain access while having only 2 out of 3 keys; a potential workaround is to restart your game session (close program, then relaunch)
  • The “Fashionista” and “It’s the Final Countdown” Achievements do not always properly get awarded

Final Note

While the update & expansion come to PC tomorrow, we are still working on getting them out on consoles ASAP. We currently don’t have an exact date for you, but we will provide more concrete details once we have dates we feel comfortable that we can hit. Keep your eyes on our facebook or twitter page so you know as soon as we have more info!

-The Generation Zero Team



Some real improvements here.


Now THAT’S a patch, well done guys.


O really hope you fix the dificulty.level This game sometimes is Impossible to play Alone,less sometimes is more,and the spawn and respawn machines inside building iS a big bug,

Biggest Bug Fix with So MUCH CONTENT EVER!

Patiently waiting for Pagens input…

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I see quite a lot of new and interesting things in the patch notes. :slightly_smiling_face:

Not the biggest one. Biggest one was April '19 update.

As far as new content goes, currently it’s unknown if FNIX Rising has more content in it than Alpine Unrest has. For now, i think Alpine Unrest has more content in it. :thinking:

Take your time getting this to console so long as it works right. I am happy to see so many bug fixes many more are needed. Thanks for everything except melee weapons. Please do not force us to use those or crafting to access missions or achievements that is all I ask…Add the stuff those folk want just please I beg you do not force all of us all to use these things. Again keep-up the bug fixes that is so very much needed!

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“We’ve toned down the difficulty across the board based on overwhelming player feedback, while still challenging, it won’t be punishing…”

What about those that DO want it punishing?

  1. Will there be a “punishing” option?
  2. If not, how can we add one?
  3. Would you ever consider adding some type of advanced difficulty options to modify things such as machine accuracy and speed?

From gameplay I watched - it’s gonna be easy on Adventure that’s for sure

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Not every game has to be dark souls


I sure hope guerrilla mode is as tough as before. The Western everything has to be easy so everykid can get a trophy thing is fine on an easy mode, mid & hard should be that. I again hope they did not dumb those down just so folk can say “hey mom look I did it on the hardest setting” But again I am older & an old school gamer…Gaming is slowly passing me by with this every game must be fair, balanced, easy & just the same as every other game on the market. Being original or thinking outside the box is now punished by the gaming community unfortunately this has crept into other aspects of life like Movies, Music, Food & Books being original is mocked, ridiculed & attacked…Anyway I am done here. I just hope all the bug fixes, being prone & story can keep me as interested in this GREAT game as the melee weapons & crafting do to turn me off…
Any Old Man Dreaming Of A Better Tomorrow

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You know that you can make the game as hard as you want?
Just use white weapons and use only 20 kg of your inventory. Even harder? Just dont use medkits and adrenalin shots!

I feel current guerrilla is perfect, and I know I am not alone. If they make it too easy, we need to create a thread to request If they could work on an additional difficulty level specifically like the April patch.


Great, well done Guys!

Yes the balance has been off for a very long time. I hope were not here in 2 weeks with pitchforks


I feeling so excited;))Good work guys!!!

I don’t see them forcing it on anyone except maybe achievements.
It’s just the way achievements/ trophies typically work on console.
You have them for DLC that you never purchase.
You have them for multiplayer when you always play solo.
You have them for solo when you only play with friends.

" many more are needed"
Many more ancient issues that actually seem to get worse as time goes on.

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While i do agree, that to my own personal taste, the post-April '20 Guerilla difficulty is a good challenge and i like it, the sad part is that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few and in just several hours, once the new update arrives, the challenge will be toned-down. For how much - that i don’t know.

There are a number of ways where you can make the game easier as well.

The dream here, would be for a modular difficulty mode with the ability to tweak things like drop rates, enemy health and damage, enemy frequency, aggression, how alert they are, how long things like flares and smoke grenades last, and how effective they are.

Not necessarily realistic, but it would be really cool.