FNIX Rising - Patch Notes

Is this stuff coming in the update that goes out tomorrow or is this stuff coming in the new dlc ? Because I’m currently playing and still having issues with floating bots and bots glitching out on each other ?

since the April update I’ve been dying constantly on skirmish duifficulty
Also is it just me or are there a bunch of people asking for a Dante must die nightmare duifficulty
Not a big fan of that idea

Both the update and the DLC are released at the same time. It’ll be released on PC first. The patch is still applied wether you get the DLC or not. I’d expect it to go live sometime during the day.

DLC loaded, update loaded, quick test … Still no resetting of Relay Beacons via “New Game” … ugh

Can’t have everything in one update! I hope next dev update will allow us console players to start new games and have multiple worlds

I just played the patch. Congrats. Everyone’s dreams have come true. Hunters have been neutered. I was dancing around 5 or 6 FNIX Hunters, and their shoulder canon couldn’t even hit me. Their arm cannons were barely any better. I REALLY enjoyed the April 2020 difficulty. Now Hunters act like blindfolded drunk crazies. I guess now I have to beg for the April 2020 difficulty to be added. I suppose I could just play the game with nothing but Thor’s hammer in my hand. That would be fun. I mean I might as well now that Hunters can barely even hit you.

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Start a petition for Commando mode then or something :smiley:

Allright, community ripping the band-aid off before they get the chance to play. I’ll be very very very honest, I really hate people that nit-pick on patch-note wording before they even get their hands on to test these things. I’ve been a member of a toxic community that does this and it always drives that discussion in to the ground.

Development slows down when you make pre-assessements about how you ‘think’ it will work. Please, hold back until you’ve got a proper feel for it, then (even Devs encourage it) send your proper thoughts and feedback. It’s not the end of this game @SteampunkPagan. The devs have stated that they’ll wait for further feedback on this.

Otherwise, I think from what we’ve experienced, there needed to be a balancing act implemented. I say all for it to try and change things from how they were now. It was cartoonish and hilariously difficult, not actually challenging and difficult. Cheesing the enemy inside a house was a thing, is still a thing and most likely will continue being a thing. You can make it harder for yourself if it doesn’t satisfy you, you can make it super easy for yourself if you think it’s hard. You can make guerilla easy if you just in a house or PVG your problems away.

People mod the game to make it easier, people mod it to make it harder… There is no ‘out of options’. I’ve also been around people that mod their game to make the tedious parts easy (large inventory space) and using glitches to kill machines, then going on stating that the game is easy on guerilla. There are also people that will live on months playing the game with a trigger finger to deleting their save as soon as they fully die. They don’t even use plundras and just live on this constant edge, deleting the save if they die.

Both worlds having their own fun, no matter how critical you’d view them… I see two sides being critical here and both can be wrong… or right. Doesn’t matter. They’re having fun. Why can’t you?


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Do u know when it’s releasing for console ?

This is the best feature of this update !! :+1::sunglasses::heart_eyes:


dude watch the stream!

Massive, Massive Pog UwU

Great live stream again this week. I ducked out of chat and everything was covered.

And uh…special well done to Pontus with the Tank kill :robot:

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Folks, let’s keep the discussion civil, without personal attacks. If you can not, please, don’t do that in the public topics. Instead take it to the PMs.

Thank you.


Bugs related to Hunters 100% accuracy who hit through walls and teleport to buildings - unresolved :frowning:

When you patch main game mechanics?

For what use is “wolfram”?

Oh. Today is saw runner in house…

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Don´t worry, soon it will be too much easy, they can´t get right the difficulty formula.

That’s what drives me up the walls about the game.
Whenever the devs touch the difficulty, the manage to break it somehow.
When they try to make it a bit harder, it becomes hard to the point where a single military hunter is a death sentence, then when they try to make it easier again, it becomes trivial to the point where the game almost plays itself, with runners manage to miss you with two rockets, when you’re standing still and some machines are just standing around doing nothing.

At least that’s my experience.

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I must admit we expected the freakin-fast rockets would be toned down but to be able to avoid harvester salvo when over-cumbered?? I saw the death when it tried to hit me so started moving slooowly away and the rockets landed behind me?

That was… unexpected.

Otherwise nice to see some PITA bugs fixed.

I understand, i think the devs didn´t really understood what was the main problem with the April update,with so many complaints they were kinda lost with what to do to appease the people, it was not the machine behavior, it was the machine weapons systems, some weapons were too much fast, others had an extreme and exaggerated range, but that´s about it, the rest was okay, the Machine Behavior was fine.
I wish the April or March Machine Behavior remained as it was for Skirmish and Guerrilla.