FOA Suit -|Spoilers|

I think I got the full FOA Suit. Helmet, Jacket, gloves, Pants, and shoes.
Edit. The small mic and cord on the left side of my characters head is the exp earpiece. Not a part of the FOA Suit.

How to get the FOA suit?
Taking down Reaper´s?

Yep. A Reaper has a chance to drop a piece of the suit. Sometimes multiple. It also drops duplicates.

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Just got the pants and I’m going to farm rest of the set, except the helmet which looks really dorky. Reminds too much of Griff Tannen on Back to the Future 2 :smiley:

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Dead Space rip off.

And not a good one at that

I had a funny bug, the reaper is dead but with each teleportation and coming back it acts like a message the reaper has been destroyed and so I can harvest ad infinitum lol

Result I have the full armor and experimental masses

:sueur_sourire: :en pensant: