Food and Water, Hunger and Thirst (Basic)

Dying Light vanilla does not have this ‘feature’. For reasons.

@pegnose I beg to differ you can pic up an assortment of food to give you a Small health

Are you sure? I was sure it was not in the game and I also googled it and found a lot of discussions about potential mods that would allow just this.

@pegnose yes you can find them in certain areas like in stores and some kitchens they’ll have nuts, and other small snack like foods you can grab and hold the button down to eat for like 10-25% health refill. I always skipped it cause it’s not as common and it isn’t that big of a health refill.

I’m on PS4 by the way. Too poor to own a pc

Oh my gosh, how could I forget about that. You are absolutely right! My bad, I apologize.

@pegnose your good. It’s an mechanic that can be way over looked due to it being so minor. I think it was bigger in dead island if I remember right and they just added it in maybe cause they thought they’d be making dead island 2 and not dying light lol.

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I am actually sure I ate a lot of nuts in DL. :wink:

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There’s nothing more that I despise than survival games where they harshly starve you to death. Now, if we’re talking minecraft, it’s fine because food is abundant. Plus, if you also had to carry food, then carry capacity would become even more important and no one would want to use other skill trees. It would not be fun.

Plus, why does anyone like harshly being starved in games? It’s not even realistic that you start dying immediately in the span of a couple hours of not eating. They never get starving correct in those types of games. Awful, terrible, immersion breaking, punishing and uncool.


no reply…???

In one of the dev streams, it was asked if more complex survivability (like discussed in this topic) would come to the game. The Boss Man himself replies to that at 00:45:43,

Well, what kind of reply you’re expecting? Praising? Criticizing?

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I agree with @Aesyle here, there’s no guarantee that people will answer your post. Please keep bumping threads to a minimum in the future unless you have something insightful to add to the discussion.


I would like to see a system for this, however would’nt be very annoying if you had low hunger/food and you were onbthe alpine unrest island and being swarmed by multiple enemies. Plus the devs already added semla.

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If you want survival just play 7 days to die. This game isn’t a survival game at it’s core like that. I would find that to be annoying. We already have issues with space, having to carry food and water would just exacerbate this issue.

You can also play The forest a great game.
Fallout New Vegas or Fallout 4 survival mode

Bonus: Any of the Stalker games (if on PC)

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Besides the some survival games mentioned above, i’d also add: DayZ, Subnautica, Subnautica: Below Zero and Solus Project as one of the good ones to play.

They need to amp crafting 100 fold and it would make scavenging for survival worth it. This game is heavily reliant on the gear you have and the level it is at. Do you have the paramedic kits the ammo dumps how much healing do you have are your grenades stocked, your dual purpose explosives. Having the ability to use the base item to craft fire grenades or gas grenades or craft higher quality gear from boss drops or crafting meds and emps would turn this into an even more amazing game. Simply put, as it stands now you loot what you can get in 1 fight and hope you can scrounge up enough to fight the next battle. Maybe being able to craft heavy artillery like mortars or turrets. Leave the food and water to a game like dayz or 7dayz to die.

STALKER is a treat. The games are a little flakey at times, and I’d advise you to avoid Clear Sky like the plague, but Call of Pripyat and Shadow of Chernobyl are excellent. Just, be ready for an incredibly jankey engine that will crap out on you.

New Vegas’s Hard Core mode was excellent. Though that is very much an RPG first, and a shooter second.

Fallout 4’s Survival Mode should be avoided like the plague, it’s outright kneecapped by a poor save system, and a kludgy attempt to get around the late-game damage sponge problem that doesn’t really work, and only delays the inevitable.

If you really want Fallout, 76 isn’t terrible for Survival these days, though the game can be a little flakey at times.


100% this. This NEEDS to be a thing. my friends have all said, that the game feels “unfinished” because you come across campsites and cooking locations and none of it matters, it’s just visual not interactable at all.

I would take this even one step further. Add basic hunger and thirst (reducing your sprint and adding sway to your shooting if you are low) but even add some improved foods (that can perhas be cooked at a campfire or on a working stove etc) that give very slight boosts to stats like the early clothes (slight boosts to endurance for running, slightly reduced aim/reload time, maybe even slight boosts to total health, etc) adding this gives players a REASON to find these campsites, rather than just having all these cool graphics but have them be totally meaningless.
I’m not saying go full “green Hell” level of survival, but having it at least at “the forest” level would add a CRAZY good level of immersion to this game.

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What you mean? Please be more clear with your stuff!


Thirst occurs when your body needs water. When you do not drink enough water, your body receives mixed signals on hunger. Dehydration causes you to believe you need to eat when you really need liquid intake.shareit