Food and Water, Hunger and Thirst (Basic)

Food and water would make it feel more like a survival game, it would be pretty easy to do and will add to the loot variety and you can add perks to not go hungry as fast.

I think I’d be a nice and fairly easy thing to add just don’t make it tio crazy and force people to eat or drink too often.


Err the same way other games allow you to change the difficulty…

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There are SOO many survival/grind fest games out there. Please don’t turn Gen Zero in to one of those. I never understand the draw to running around a game for hours looking for berries or hunting a rabbit so I have enough energy to hunt something bigger, to hunt something bigger to then get back to playing the actual main part of the game.

I think the biggest 3 draws to Gen Zero are:

  • Beautiful world to explore.
  • Hunting Robots
  • Doing this all online, co-op with friends.

There are other survival games out there. Let this game be what it is.


And the fact that everyone left in a hurry all stores and houses are full och food. And water is not a problem. So no need to scavenge for food and water. And there for no need to add hunger and thirst.

Totally Agree. Gen0 is about hunting machines - not rabbits! =)

Well robots need Gas. Why can’t we do food and water as a booster. I don’t understand the handful that say it doesn’t fit the scenario. It’s already half a survival game. I’ve completed the game 100% minus fashionistas trophy bug. I want a replay system. Kinda bored mindless shooting bots only. Game is gorgeous. Guns affects are amazing. Bots looks so fresh. Yet I’m bored. I want to create havoc and feel like I’m barely surviving. Playing solo is just been too easy. And I ran through this game so fast because I was on an exciting trip.

I keep seeing people say certain things that doesn’t make sense to me. Food and water doesn’t work. It’s every where. But your not always near a house. 85-90% of the map is nature. I’d like to see houses have more dense population of bots keeping you from Habitat. What is a habitat, but a place that supports shelter, food and water.

Guns too. I keep seeing these guns don’t make sense cause they’re only weak teens. Well my toon is holding over 2-3 thousand rounds of ammo, 3 guns, and trap items. I don’t know any man that can hold that.

The game displays realism. We the few or maybe many. We aren’t asking for toilets and paper. Spoons and forks. Just something to aid us a little more like boosters and more game play opportunities.

I’d love to see this and mechanical building added. I want to deconstruct a hunter in a military bunker and make a exo suit that I can swap weapons. Rebuild damage parts… like what was done in dying light dlc the following. And I hear a negative on this as well. I know a few like myself that are mechanics and I also knew a few as a teen that worked on guns even though I don’t do it as a career as a gun mechanic

In that case, they have to remove fast travel as well. No point hunting for Bambi if I can get lappskojs or ärtsoppa in a can by fast travelling to a military complex.
I think this is an excellent exploration- shooting game. And I would rather see the good people at avalanche build on that and expand the story further.


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Your absolutely right on a very obvious sense. No reason to hunt with food here and there in cans. Fast travel isn’t really a necessity for the game isn’t that large. As primarily a solo player I’ve hardly used it myself. Just to get the collectibles after I beat the game. Prior patches I’ve joined in on games with random hosts and I was spawned in the first area so I used it to get to my original location to do side missions on completing a trophy. I support what ever the devs decide but that doesn’t go with out adding to opinion or debate for good sake. I’ve taken my second break myself and I’m on No mans sky waiting for this months patch. I don’t want to spoil it Story wise but it almost seemed to me that this just a step stone in the story. I gather it’s just the beginning for everything.

Please just DON’T add this feature to Generation Zero!

I strongly recommend “The Long Dark” if this is what you want from a game!


Agree. And that’s what I don’t get. There are games that are already what people are asking for. There are fewer and fewer “non-survival” or battle royale games, however. Let’s keep this sucker what it is!

it has been said during a stream or two that if it was ever added, it would be a separate optional game mode

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The reason is simple, people like the game, but get bored out of their minds once they finish the story and get all the collectibles because there’s nothing to do. You have to nuke an existing save to start fresh, which means that a lot of possibilities that could exist for post-story game-play don’t (I’d love to try and speed run the story, but I can’t justify nuking my save or jumping through hoops to swap save files back and forth just for that), you have no real skill respec so there’s no incentive to test out new skill sets, you don’t have a score, or leader-boards, or even a raid boss, so there’s nothing in terms of practical competition.

It’s honestly not something ‘new’, many games that have little to no end-game content just like GZ does right now get lots of people clamoring to ask the devs to ‘add this neat alternate way to play’, and that’s if the game retains players at all.

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Where do the Dev s host their stream?

twitch, facebook and youtube

In theory, food would not work any differently than having a second “health” (hunger) bar that drains over time and drains your main health bar when emptied, and can be refilled by using “medkits” (food items)

How would it be any different than adding an option to say drain your health a little bit every minute, functionally?

Unless hunting, cooking etc would be added it would only increase the need to scavenge and loot the houses, which is already boring and tedious work to do.

On top of that, it further hurts the already poor looting and inventory sorting system that’s currently implemented and takes away precious inventory space.

Instead, having potentially dangerous wild animals that can serve as a third party enemy type could be cool.
Then have them drop meat which you can craft into makeshift medkits of some sort (kind of unrealistic, yes, but still a nice alternative way to get medkits)

The problem I have with this is when developers go WAY overboard and force players to be eating more than killing, such as ark or dayz. I swear I’ve had enough berries in ark to feed the entirety of NYC for a day and don’t get me started on dayz.

If it were one or two meals per day, and the type of meal gave a slight boost to a stat or something, I could see it being implemented. If it is literally just a hunger meter, IDK. Maybe it could feed the stamina bar but still, if it becomes a core function to the point where it is annoying it’ll detract from the game big time.


It’s actually relatively common for people to confuse thirst for hunger. If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s important to know the difference between how it feels to be hungry and how it feels to be thirsty. Otherwise, you could be consuming more calories than you need, which makes it harder to achieve your weight loss goals.

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Well, there IS hunting in game.
Let me rephrase: there SHOULD be hunting in game, but the machines just are to frikken stupid.

Lol I forgot all about this page. Man I missed some funny posts about hunger and thirst.

It depends on how the devs implement how thirst and hunger works for the game. Typically all games that use it if you lack the substance you die or you slowly die.

But here’s an idea towards how the mechanics would benefit. .

What if you drink and eat items And keep the bars% up with water and food helps your regeneration bonus so you’d use less medication packs?

And instead of storing food. You instantly eat and drink from buildings like in dying light.

And instead of having 2 bars there can be one called consumption. Basically adding a regen booster if filled and a negative or no regen if not. So just grabbing food or water that’s random to eat on the spot as an extra to do while scavenging in houses.

In dying light you could find random food that just pick up and ate on the spot to give you % of life is how it worked in dying light.

This game could do the same. Grab and instant eat or drink to fill your bar or keep filled while your in a structure would also make you feel the need to go into regular houses more often too