Food and Water, Hunger and Thirst (Basic)

Add BASIC Hunger and Thirst levels to Character UI (Nothing too hardcore 1 or 2 Drinks/food in a Daynight Cycle)
Add Lootable Drinks or Refillable Water-bottles to the current Random Loot Table
Add Lootable Food types (snack bars, canned Food, Fruit ect) to the current Random loot table

That would add a Totally new level of immersion to the game in its current state.
it would increase the Need to Scavenge and explore the map.

Add Food and Drink assets to the current Loot table
Add a Basic Hunger and Thirst UI asset.
Add a Drink/eat animation


i dont think this game needs this to be honest … i liked it because it was more casual and about finding secrets , exploring the mission and story and fighting monsters not to go around and care about food and water that there is more then plentiful anyway all around the world … that would also make no sense that food or water would be an issue in this settings making this even quit odd and not fitting into the game story at all


i agree with both of you on this, though i think maybe a separate game mode in the future for something like that would be cool to see! i think the more variety this game has to offer the better in the long run.


the storage is already tight without the carry perk but even then when its fully opened up it still gets tight with ammo and when in tight high risk areas you need that space for ammo and health, food and water would take up alot of space depending on how often you need them but i also agree/disagree with the others, simply just doesn’t fit the theme seeing that some houses you go into there’s even food left out on tables that suspiciously doesn’t look all that bad worth eating. in my opinion, there is plenty of games that do well with it, but this game isnt one of them. a more relaxed feeling and can use storage effectively, unlike the game scum that i heard but never played, having to deal with all sorts of annoying food features. if you add hunger, its basically just another survival game that isnt very unique at all. might as well add base building and farm creation to grow your own food if you want to add food/thirst.

Also a side note, why would you need any more reason to scavenge since thats basically what you’re doing all the time anyways. want better weapons or more ammo that you blow through during massive fights? scavenge. no needs to turn it into a looting simulator.


Your right nothings a survival game without hunger or thirst



I want total immersion for this game… Food, Water, Sleep added would be awesome.



Yes there’s alot of Survival games but a lot are boring! Ark, Conan Exiles etc.

Would love it in a game like this. Nothing too punishing but would give greater meaning to the exploration and scavenging!


Hey Fatality I’m sorry to disappoint you but this most likely will not end up happening. The development team talked briefly about it in a few streams and said that they want very soft survival mechanics where I feel this would be a lot more hardcore and not quite fit in. But maybe if it was requested enough it would become a feature.


I like to think there will be a “Survivor Mode”
In this mode the enemies have the same health as they currently do, but you take damage way more. Food, thirst sure. I like those things too.

A real question has to go in your head. “Do I want to start this fight?”



I’d love to see a more hardcore mode that incorporated some mechanics like this. Food and drinks in fridges, water and other beverages for hydration, energy drinks for stamina boost perhaps, food could recover small bits of health as well as hunger, and make loot drops far less in general.


To be honest I think this game feels almost too easy without and Hunger/Thrist system. The robots’ weakpoints could be more resistant, the player can get hit by a big amount of bullets, potentially die and instantly revive with one Adrenaline Shot. I suggest making the robots’ weakpoints a bit more resistant to bullets and implement a really basic but not so hardcore hunger and/or thirst bar.


No thanks rather keep this story driven not survival driven


Yeah i second that , hold on Bad Robot while i have me lunch , ah thats better oh am thirsty ’ one second there Bad Robot , ok ready now ._… Hey go play The Forest or Ark because they are survival games , this game is not survival , if added later then thats fine , i bought it because it was not hunger driven , each to there own


In promotion the game was surrival… But no surrival elements in game, is a shooter with micro loot managment…

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No. The game concept is more than fine. We don’t need another H1Z1. Remember when the games used to take 3-4 years to develop and when they came out they were spotless? There was no early access or alpha testing or beta, gamma, delta. Insane deep and detailed stories, secrets to discover, characters had personalities. GZ reminds me a little bit of those times (except for the bugs :slight_smile:) . And i don’t want no damn food and water. But it requires a fine taste and at least a small amount of education to appreciate something in general.


I don’t remember it ever advertising itself as a survival game. I do however remember it mentioning that you need to survive which does not mean survival.


Since you guys must play Minecraft in Creative Mode to not die from hunger I think there should be at least food that you can eat giving you Stamina, Health or ‘‘Night Vision (?)’’ boosts. I kinda have to agree that the game would be a bit annoying if you had to search for food and water, but there isn’t that much that you can get from lootboxes/backpacks instead of weapons related stuff, ““traps”” and clothes

SCUM has a really boring nutrition system which made me not buy the game because is too much for someone to play it casually, I do agree that it adds an extreme level of immersion but that’s too much, that’s why I agree with Faceroll_Fatality

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This would be a cool feature.
It could be a Fallout 76 kind of need for food and water, where you have a bar that indicate thirst and hunger. About the issue with the space, it could have a few dedicated slots for this, that doesn’t take up the place for the current slots.

For the people that DON’T want this feature, and want to carry on without the need for food and water, it could be a optional feature.

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I agree bought this game because i dont have to hunt for me dinner , can u imagine trying kill animal and bad robot scares it off then u go hungry and errm no, please dont add food snacks , back pack full of guns and ammo no room for food ,