Highly Requested Features

1)Vehicles: There have been numerous request for vehicles, with ideas ranging from

  • bicycles (ringing the bell attracts enemies, different speeds on different surfaces, attachable cosmetics etc.)
  • to motorcycles (More noise but more speed, also suggested that fast-travel removed if bikes implanted)
  • to cars (same suggestions as motorbikes)
  • and the ability to reassemble and ride runners (for a short while)
  • In my opinion I think that bikes are the most easily implanted feature, that doesn’t clash with the games atmosphere, and doesn’t remove to many of the existing features. Motorcycles could work, if the dev’s did it right.
  • The original post goes into more depth: Transportation?

2) Food / Water: Taken from the idea that this is a survival game many people have requested food and water, with ideas like:

  • Loot-able water bottles, snack bars, etc. as part of loot (others have mentioned that this may be a burden to the inventory)
  • The idea that you don’t die or lose health when you dehydrate or starve, but that your vision blurs, and your stamina pool is capped at a limit. ( Some also mentioned skills to reduce these stat changes)
  • and the idea of hunt-able animals and cooking. (If we can outrun the bots, animals could too)
  • I personally think that this would, while making the game more aesthetically pleasing with animals and whatnot, add a level of depth to the game that would mess with the whole feel. The dev’s want you to appreciate the scenery in between looting and fighting, and if you’re just spending your time worrying about hunting and food it could mess up the game’s dynamic. For more food / water /weather based survival games we have The Long Dark.
  • One of the more in-depth posts on this: Food and Water, Hunger and Thirst (Basic)

3) More bots: Obviously the limited number of bots in the game can restrict gameplay, so ideas have been presented:

4)Inventory Management: Due to the inherently confusing and cluttered nature of the inventory people have suggested various changes:

5)Removing Level Caps: This one is pretty basic, and self explanatory the benefits of removing level caps would be:

6) Enemy Indicator : the enemy indicator can often ruin your immersion and the sense of hunted vs. hunter, when you realize that you always know where a potential threat is. Some suggestions to deal with this are

  • Making the indicator non-directional (just alerting you to the fact that you’ve been spotted, but not telling you where, also allows for this to be a skill upgrade)
  • Making the indicator a tool like the binoculars
  • or adding a toggle button for it.
  • Enemy Indicator changes/ feedback

7) Split Screen co-op

This is by no means a complete list, feel free to make comments and add ideas.
Credits to the original authors of all the referenced posts, and the ideas of the commenters on those posts.


I agree with most of these things except Food/Water and removing the threat indicator.
If a survival mode is ever implemented I hope it’s optional because I’m bored with those kind of survival games.

The threat indicator could be made with a toggle on/off option. Removing it all together would be bad because it’s a helpful tool for hearing impaired players who can’t hear the machines.


That is a good point. A option to toggle between the indicator is a good idea.

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Some of the conversations that have been had or are being had in those other threads are pretty interesting. If you’re going to maintain and update this list, why don’t you edit your OP and add hyperlinks leading to those threads.

Get rid of or add the option to disable the auto aim.


I’d settle for them fixing it so it doesn’t point at dead robots to start off with.

I actually have a very in-depth idea of how I’d like vehicles to work in-game.
Would gladly take feedback :slight_smile:

Your ideas are very well-thought out and make a lot of sense. The only problem I have is that it may be hard to implement into the game. As it is there is already a lot going on that traveling quickly may miss. Also, with the military vehicles there would need to be a lot more tough enemies implanted into the game, as the strongest bot (the tank) can be taken down by my 2-star 12 gauge, a few flares, and some grenades, and the heavy artillery may make the game a little too easy. That being said the ideas of your vehicles are very interesting and sensible and I think it would be a shame if no vehicles were added into the game.

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pls can u add mouse/keyboard support for console?? It would make the game so much more playable, especially for people who cant use controllers. inventory management would also be like WAY easier.