[suggestion]New Enemy Type... TANK!

Just a tiny idea: a working machine controlled tank.
Tank was developed for human use, until a smart fella figured: let’s turn it into a Drone.
They removed the entire cockpit, placed a computer system and com system in it’s place, controlled by the same force that drives the rest.
Needless to say… the question arises… “Can it be any worse?”
Andswer… “INCOMING SHELLS!!!” a co-op player yells (as all the rest is slithly a tiny bit extremely dead, thus no one else can yell this).



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I would like to see some sort of Predator robot…something that scans the forest for human life and hunts all day and night. Maybe able to claim the trees and jump on hikers, with a predator like cloaking device. It would give the game 2 things a more active forest area, also will add to fear factor.


That would tie in with game trailer aswell and mean your not safe anywhere outside, I’m in

Love that idea…

However, this belongs in my bots/drones suggestion.
Any thought on the tank idea?

For tank we need something heavy does a lot more damage. Maybe a shielding bot, locks in place and shields it self with some miniguns, and one large cannon artillery. Can even have escorts like seekers and hunters, 2 or 4 legged artillery bot would be formidable enemy. Flaw has to lock in place to fire artillery, strength shield defense makes it so you have get close to take it out or work the shield down till you can damage it making it a hard fight.

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well there are 6 types of bots.
These all lock in coordinates to the tank miles away, which then lays a heavy artillery rain on the given coordinates.
When combined with several tanks, it can become quite… interesting…

You hear the shells incoming.
Best thing NOT to do: staying put… if you catch my drift…

But, your idea is quite nice!!!
I like it.

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Motorcycle bot, patrols all roads in and around cities and towns miniguns/rockets on the side of the bike fast and hard to out run. Only escape is forest but predator bots are there would make for a choice driven game with consequences.

Also just for the creepiness of it all would like to see some sort of centipede bot. I dont know what it could do but I would be creeped out big or small by it lol.

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I’m not to sure about the Motorcycle bots (IMO)
Don’t know if I would want to see this in GZ.
Do mind that all the robots we have encountered sofar
are well developped Military machines. So simply puttung a M60
or a gatteling gun on a motorbike doesn’t seem to fit in the story in my opinion.
They could exist in the game, don’t get me wrong, but there would have to be more to it.
It should be a well designd military product. Maybee the same idea as the motorbike but with
tanktracks, you know, like the little robots the BOMB DISPOSAL TEAM uses to disarm bombs. (just a thought)

However, hey … I really like the Centipede idea. That’s an awesome thought right there.
I had a centipede once when I was younger, a 22 CM long Scolopendra subspinipes from Vietnam, and I can tell you my friend, I have kept black widows spiders and most poisonous scorpions in my lifetime but that Scolopendra REALLY freaked the shit out of me.
It eats like a mouse when you feed it to them. They are SUPER fast aswell.
And they are very quickly agitated. They will come to get you when agitated instead of running away like most insects. Really Freaky animals and very vicious.
So a centipede like robot in the game would be creepy indeed.

It could be small and patrol mainly the forrest (that have not a lot of enemies at the moment)
They could be something to compare with the Ticks. But the centipeds could be more covert.
More difficult to spot. Maybe also wearing explosives and explode like some Ticks.

Or they could be huge. Taller than a Hunter and be a very difficult to kill enemy due to its size.
Nice would be that if you don’t kill the head, but more further at the back, the centiped would still survive, merely disposing/letting go of the damaged part (wich explodes) and still continue fighting you till you kill the Headpart.

Anyway, CENTIPEDE - Great Idea IMO.



I have reconsidderd my idea involving the tanktrack support base in order to support this patrolling minigun idea off your. Maybee tanktracks arn’t a good idea afterall since all enemies in the game have leggs and no tracks or wheels.

I still think the patrolling minigun idea by itself is pretty cool so I came up with something,
I personally believe would be a great support base for this idea of yours.

How about having a Praying Mantis like body? So mainly the feet part and how they move. It’s basicly a quadripod as a support base that moves like a mantis. Adding maybe even a Mantis-like Robot Thorax to support weapons. Would fit the story since this support base has leggs, as have all enemies in GZ. Evidently it doesn’t have to look like a Mantis but it needs to look like a real Military Machine that simply got it’s idea in nature, like with the runners.

A spider like, six legged (Hexapod) support base would also do the trick by the way.


True, but there are tanks, no?
It would only be logical to automate these as well, like the walkers.
The enemy too can use artillery support. :wink:



Yes, for some reason the link you sent me dropped me into the conversation
right at the place of Deceiver8 his post, so I didn’t see you initial tread in the beginning.
I somehow forgot to scroll upwards. I thought Deceiver8 's post was the beginning of the tread.

You are right, it is only a small stepp from taking the Human out of the Tank and let it be controlled by a machine like a drone as you say. With the amazing sounds effects they have given us sofar, (like bullets whisteling by when you run away and they shoot at you) I am quite sure the sound of the incomming artillery/tank round would be terrifying.

I feel like there needs to be some audio warning clue/effect added so that people know when to start running. As you say, otherwise all would be dead leaving maybe only one alive to yell that awefull" Artillery incomming" :wink:

The wine should be hard enough to get you out of the way in time.
Maybe a tad V2 like?
Hmmm… maybe with a drop of music 2 second before the wine begins, to increase tension?
“Soundless terror”, if you like?


Both very nice idea’s Xog :+1:

The V2 was actually motor driven. It was fueled up with the amount of fuel that was calculated to get the V2 roughly where it needed to go. As long as the motor was running nicely it would simply fly by but as soon as you heard that motor start “sputtering” it meant that feul was used and the Deathbringer was comming down. Must have been an awefull terrifying sound back then. So yes, a soundeffect like that would be a good warning/indicator.

I also like the simpel widely used, “screaming” sound. The harder the screaming sound
“IIiiiiiiiiuuuuuuwwww” the nearer it comes.

And hey, the Music drop is quite cool also I have to say.
Soundless terror like you call it.
It would even be funny as to drop the music completely down to the point where you can hear the birds whisteling. Soundless terror in pure form, cause you will know very soon that if you hear the birds whistle in the middle of combat in this game, you better get the hell out of there very fast. So, I love that Idea aswell Xog. Nice :ok_hand::+1:

The music should end abruptly.
Make folks just stop and wonder for a moment…
Then the piiieeeeUUUUUWWWWWW sound comes in…


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Yes exactly.
That idea is great as it is right there.
Silence, and than, Piuuuuuuuwwwww…
However, you have to agree, Imagine beeing in mid combat:
same music drop. And than all of a sudden you can hear the birds whistle so quite it gets.
No such a giveaway as the Piuuuuw sound we both seem to like, but it would be hilarious as hell in some way. Cause as I say, people would learn very fast that it is not good the hear birds whistle in the middle of combat in this game. Hehe :wink:

Wait, you got birds in game?
Not even crickets here?

But no, not even that.
And maybe even more to create an impending doom feeling: the wind lays down as well…
Just… total utterly silent…

Oh yeeeeeesssss, I got birds in my game.
When I go into the woods and when I stand still,
the soundeffect of the birdswhistle is simply awesome.
At daytime I enjoy this a lot.

Being in that Forest, sun shining through the tree tops,
The light effects, echoing birds whisteling
(even flying up from out of the bushes)


Don’t you have that in your game?
(I don’t believe I have crickets neither)

I even believe, (not to sure to be honest)
but I even think the birds whistle types change at night.

I have other bird sounds at night I think.
I feel like the sound in the woods is different at night but
I need to pay better attention to it to be able to discribe it more accurately.

So real deadly silence as you say. I get the feeling.
Maybe not as funny as running away simply because you hear birds whistle in the middle of combat but I get the picture. True deadly silence before death rains down upon you from above :wink:

I had a new update idea on existing bots, the spiders need a net or snare, that maybe last a few seconds would make them a lot more interesting of a challenge and give larger bots an advantage when your held in place.