Implement stash or additional form of inventory


Could really use a stash in-game, maybe in safe-houses, carrying multiple guns and equipment takes up alot of necessary space, a stash or other form of additional storage would be really convenient and game improving.

Highly Requested Features

yes, I would find really cool


Hell yes game needs a stash definately ive had to throw away so.many useble items ammo that i could be storeing for when i need it


Oh yes i like base building much it will be make the game even better.
If they make base building in the game then make land mine senc for my but now i dont take them withe me. And i find it cool if you can find back packs for more storege but sill the skill (skill more space) so you can 't take amo medi stuff out off the back in the hand first you have to take from your backpack the iteams to your normal inventory. Waht do you think ?