Inventory tweaks for picking up loot


I’m sure most of you have come across this before, when you have an item in one of your quick bars and you pickup that same item, why the hell is it going into my full inventory taking up another spot that is already limited instead of going into the not a complete stack in the quick bar. you can hold a stack of 20 health kits, normally i keep it on the number 4 hot key cause i have button on my mouse to let me select numbers faster, but when i have 9 in my quick bar and i pickup that same item, instead of adding it onto the stack and making 10, it gets put into my inventory to which i have to then reopen my inventory and drag that item onto my quick bar to add it to the stack. its annoying when you have to fast loot enemies and being attacked but NOPE sitting there with a full inventory because it didnt add it to the stack and wasting a spot to have grenades in it or something.

Highly Requested Features

+1 exactly what im thinking


+1 yes it need in game


+1 hell yes. I wouldn’t be against the game using up quick bar items and ammo from the backpack first as well.


+1 yup this needs to be addressed asap, it as annoying and stupid…I do not believe it was intended to be that way I think this should be addressed as a bug.


+1 yes, that would be nice!


Same for ammo. I shouldn’t have to remove the ammo “attachment”, combine the stacks into one, then move it back to the weapon. Sometimes, I have to drop items to make room for the extra stack of ammo just so I have room to combine the stacks and reload. Then pick up what I dropped!


agreed. it should also recognize whether you got ammo stacks inside your guns and attempt to fill those first.