Just a curious question, are any sorts of vehicles planned for travelling around the map? Maybe a rideable bicycle or something similar?

Would just make travelling around a lot quicker


Bikes or scooters in-game
Highly Requested Features

bikes would be the best (cars would be too loud and would draw bots, especially for the time period) maybe have them work like: (100% speed) on roads/paths, (75%-about 10% faster than running speed**) on low grass and gravel/dirt and (50%-you should just get off and run-slower than running by like 20%)
{Not every bike you see is usable, to make taking care of the one you have (Eg not losing it) more important}
3 seconds to mount, 2 seconds to dismount or can do a quick dismount for like 5hp’s worth of damage (rough landing- 1 second)

**have any perks that affect run speed also affect bike speed, I mean if you can run harder, you most likely have the muscles to pedal harder too.


That would be super awesome. And the speed it goes is based on your stamina stats and such. Hopefully the devs consider allocating some time to this concept :slight_smile:


I personally have thought of that as well.
It’d be pretty cool if they’d scrap the fast travel mechanic and replace it with vehicles. Like, are you going to go silently on a bicycle? Or drive a fast car and alert every single enemy within several miles of you?


I would love to have a bike and maybe a canoe for 1-2 or a zodiac for up to 4 players… but unfortunately they said there will be no vehicles in the base game :-/


Considering we run at 60 mph, I think we’re okay.

But seriously, I agree that vehicles would be dope, considering the map is pretty big.


I was looking at the bikes and thinking i could use one, and then carry it as i move across country


Yes please, it would be awesome , and that you can unlock with skills a way to do a rough landing without damaging your hp so much, etc, it would bring so many things into the game, also if you ring the bycicle bell you atract more enemies :smiley:


I don’t understand you guys, you want bicycles and cars… There are TANKS in the game, I want to drive a tank. :stuck_out_tongue:

On a more serious note though, we got fast travel and we move very quickly, I think this is sufficent, only thing I could see would be cool to add would be fishing. :slight_smile:


Because tanks would be too much, and it would kill the danger feeling and urgency of being attacked by the robots, but if you go with a bicycle, you are really unprotected, they can shoot you, you can fall flat, so it doesnt kill the horror / spooky environment and the sense of danger


I hope for some Hägglunds bandvagnar :smiley: Or find a Volvo tgb 11


i hope the cicles standing around the place will be usable


It would be nice to have some kind of vechicle. I know you don’t want cars because you don’t want to miss the beautiful enviorment but I think that there should atleast be some kind of bike that you can ride. I think that would be quite a nice experience :slight_smile:


I don’t even think normal Bikes/Scooters would fit in the Generation Zero theme tbh. In the trailer I’m pretty sure they talked about shooting parts from robots and using them to craft stuff. I think it might be cool to make a custom robot vehicle like that (; I agree that running across the map isn’t a thing so atleast some type of vehicle (:


I’d rather walk and run like they have it to be honest. Think of how easy it is to miss stuff even in Fallout games with no transportation, granted, there’s a lot more in those games.

Otherwise a skateboard or skates wouldn’t be too bad to use on at least the roads to speed travel up between locations :wink:


It would be good to have the option though…people who want to walk can walk. Everyone else can ride a bicycle


Bicycles would be nice but personally I think it would take away a bit much from the atmosphere and feel that the game provides. Rock, Paper, Shotgun wrote a really good article about their experience from testing the game for a bit and this particular part I have to agree with fully.

The barren loneliness of the abandoned cold war Swedish countryside, disturbed only by the occasional bird and the distant creaking of hostile machines, is still the game’s greatest asset. Gunning down packs of nippy quadrupeds as we ran through an abandoned castle was exhilarating, but it’s the spaces between the action that stuck with me. The constant eeriness and subtly oppressive chill brought about by abandoned villages and lurking danger, like a thin blanket of Scandinavian snow. The garish neon posters and other nods to 80’s pop culture left in abandoned villages. Far from cutting through the poignant gloom with unwelcome pastiche, these touches contribute to a sense of place once vibrant with youthful fantasy, now haunted by the chemical residue of hairspray and lingering reverb of ghostly power ballads.

Nic Rueben @ RockPaperShotgun

This feeling that he describes here from the article is pretty spot on with how I myself experienced the game during the BETA. I believe a lot of this feeling would be removed with vehicles, maybe not as much with bicycles but it would definitely diminish the general feel of the whole experience of the environment.


There may be no Dala horse, but everyone will get their own Shanks’ pony.


That is easily the most concise and accurate description of where this game really shines that I’ve read. What a fantastic quote


That would be fun! I would still like cars, kind of a risk to use but hey, quick travels if you like the idea of not having to fast travel. More realistic, use back roads to avoid detection. Of course cars are still loud but machines could think its just another one of them right?
One can hope for at least bikes :slight_smile: