(Suggestion) - ammo - made clear


at times it is difficult to spot which ammo is best for your weapon , maybe just a star system at the top left of ammo type to show players quick which is the best.
eg. https://pasteboard.co/I8zGL6A.jpg

Highly Requested Features

Agreed. My inventory is constantly cluttered with unneeded ammo and just making this a bit more clear would definitely help. Maybe also there could be some text that tells you if the ammo is compatible with your guns.


When you hover over the ammo the guns that are compatible with the ammo flash up


I know you can hover over the ammo in your inventory but that doesn’t help you when your finding ammo. I agree it needs to be easier. And, I’d like the reverse to be true. If I hover over a gun, I should see the related ammo easily.

Also, I would LOVE to know how many bullets are loaded in my gun in my inventory. The only way to tell now is to actually load the weapon. But it’s in inventory mode where we are trying to capitalize on limited space. It’s irritating having to go back and forth.