Future Couch Co-op?


Hello, is there a plan for split screen/couch-co op for this game in the future?
It would be fantastic playing this together at home.

Highly Requested Features

I agree completely, not enough games have this feature. Which is why a LOT of new games suffer from pick up and drop to the next one


The POV will be terrible. Most don’t do it I presume because it ruins immersion within the game, although i do miss couch co-op. Not to mention, this game Jack’s up so much of my PS4’s ram that it can’t properly go to the dashboard without lagging.


If Borderlands can do it…

The only kind of multiplayer I ever care about is couch co-op. I would much rather play with real people in the same room than random strangers on the internet, although I know I’m in the minority. In fact, I mistakenly bought the game thinking it had couch co-op - otherwise, I probably would have held off. Now after playing it a bit, I definitely would have held off either way, but being able to play with my fiancee would have made things far more enjoyable.


I agree with this request this game focuses on a action packed co op environment that is very fun but to expand on this environment and make the game more fun you need up to 4 player split screen