Titan class bot


I want to clarify - this idea is not originally mine, I am just editing, adding features and putting a spin on the original idea.


  • roughly 2 to 3 times larger than a tank (maybe there could be variations that go up to 4 times as large)
  • anywhere from 4 to 8 legs depending on the type
  • Essentially a walking weapons arsenal.
    -Has multiple rocket pods which can fire at multiple targets at once,
    -HUGE stomp ability, with massive radius (if the type has more than 4 legs, can do stomps with multiple feet at once),
    -several turrets, which can fire anywhere from pistol ammo to sniper rounds.
    -INCREDIBLY strong and heavy armor, restricting speeds to about an 1/3 of a tanks, maybe less depending on size, but also incredibly hard to penetrate, even for high caliber rifles
  • Weak spots at the joints on the legs
  • Usually found at large military bases, or open fields near towns
  • Can call in reinforcements once destruction appears imminent, but can alternatively send them away (to focus all human fire on itself therefore minimizing other bot casualties)
  • Takes strong teamwork to take down.
  • Can be heard from MILES away, but this isn’t a disadvantage since solo players may not want to engage anyways.

Feel free to add on ideas, credit to @Max_Powerz and @Moonmists for the ideas.

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