Loot Storage Box In All Safehouses

For a looter shooter storage is a necessity. Definitely needs added to all safehouses or Atleast one that you choose as your primary safehouse.


I agree with your post 100% we need some sort of storage the small inventory even at max capacity is not enough for this type of game.

I wouldn’t be against it but it’s not necessary to me (so far). it’s pretty easy to fast travel back and forth between safe houses if you can remember which ones spawn the loot you need to resupply on.

+1. This seems to be a pretty common and near-unanimous request. It’s pretty much imperative to take x2 Carry Capacity, which costs 4 skill points and delays your progression in your chosen tree(s).

On a personal note, I finally had to get rid of my Moller PP with its extended mag and silencer. I would have liked to have kept it for sentimental reasons if nothing else. Grieve with me my brothers and sisters. :cry:

When I was young and dumb and mere machine chum, I ascended unwittingly to Iboholmen Castle with little more than a boombox, a gas bottle and my trusty Moller PP. When all was said and done, 14 runners and 2 ticks lay strewn about the castle with 2 more runners downed at the carpark for good measure.

Old friend. You shall be missed. :sob:

Damn. Nobody should let me near a keyboard at 0610. I’m frakkin’ weird when I first get up.