Found a sort of glitch thing or sound bug

Hi first I just wanted to say that I absolutely love this game and everything about it. But when I started up the game like yesterday or something I noticed that there was no sound playing when I reloaded/did the bolt action movement, everything else was working just fine but that sound just didn’t load I don’t know why but I think that it might be some kind of sound bug/glitch. Thought you guys might want to know that and maybe try to fix it. Thanks for reading this all love to you and your awesome game! Oh I forgot to say but I play on Xbox just so you know.

I had the same thing last night but on pc. It was all of the weapon sounds I couldn’t hear other than shooting for some reason. I think it started after a hunter attacked me while switching weapons or reloading? Not 100% sure to be honest!

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@DyingSyn Have you fixed it or is the sound still like that?

It’s back to normal now :slightly_smiling_face:

How did you fix it so it went back to normal then?

It must have been fixed when I started the game back up, I didn’t do anything to be honest and there was no patch since then…

Not sure if related. When I played with a buddy yesterday, I could’t hear my heavy breathing when the stamina runs out. Back to normal in my own game world now.

Sometimes something similar happens to me, after playing more than 1 hour, i can`t hear reload, breath and walking sounds.

Rivals update
Solo game

Same here (PC). On all mentioned issues. Bolt action, footsteps and breathing.

Although play time doesn’t seem to matter. I have had it after just a couple of minutes, after several hours or not at all. The number of enemies in sight (or in the vicinity) doesn’t seem to matter either.

Sometimes you can hear the bolt action once (after the first shot) and then it remains silent until the magazine is reloaded with a fresh clip. Then you can hear only the first bolt action again and silence again for the remainder of the clip.

Other times you can hear the bolt actions on and off (alternating each bolt action between sound and no sound).

Sometimes the reloading of the clip itself also remains silent.