Multiple Bugs Together

Several spots all around the Saltholmen Naval Base where I fall through the map into water and forms a constant loop. The only way to fix to to exit to the main menu. When I load back in all my previous hours of gameplay has been deleted. Also walking, sprinting, and crouching no long make noise that I can hear. The only way to fix it to close the game entirely and then re-open it. I play on the PS4.

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When reporting bugs, there are certain to-do things:

  1. Search the forums since chances are good that someone else has reported the bug before.
    For example:
    Falling through the map: Falling Through the Ground
    No SFX sounds: Found a sort of glitch thing or sound bug
    Savefile deletion: Corrupted Save File
  2. If forum search didn’t produce any same/similar results, make a bug report topic where you report one bug per topic and by following this guide: READ BEFORE POSTING - How to Make a Bug Report

These kind of mash-up topics that include several bugs all together, without proper bug reporting template are hard to monitor and are frowned upon.

That being said, topic closed.