Fredrik Holberg in Mullvadsberget Ringfort?


I’ve seen that a lot of people are thinking that the Fredrik in Mullvadsberget Ringfort is the one and only: Fredrik Holberg, the Director of FOA and creator of the FNIX program.

However, i don’t think so. Instead, i think Fredrik in Ringfort is a (well placed) red herring.

How come?

Well, let’s 1st look at the three points why people think Ringfort Fredrik is Fredrik Holberg.

  1. First name
    Both the Ringfort Fredrik and Fredrik Holberg share the same first name. However, sharing the same first name doesn’t make them the same person. I’m quite sure that Fredrik is popular name in the Sweden.
  2. “Kapten” brand snus
    While there are four “Kapten” brand snus cans next to Ringfort Fredrik, there is no telling if those are his. And even if those are his, “Kapten” brand snus could very well be popular snus brand in Sweden. Just because Fredrik Holberg uses “Kapten” brand snus, we can’t assume that every male that also uses “Kapten” brand snus is instantly Fredrik Holberg.
  3. Possibly the same face?
    Here, we have two different images of Fredrik Holberg and then we have Ringfort Fredrik’s face.

In the Fredrik Holberg character bio:

In the Iron Church:

Ringfort Fredrik (from Tene’s vid):

I can clearly tell that in the char bio and on the security badge, there are two different people. So, question is, which one is the correct one? :thinking:

Well, in the char bio file, the name isn’t written as “Holberg, F”, if the image would be of Fredrik Holberg, but instead as “Holberg, J”. Moreover, if your security badge image doesn’t match with your face, you wouldn’t be able to enter the facility, making me to believe that on the security badge is the real face of Fredrik Holberg, while on the char bio, there could be Fredrik Holberg’s son, with the name of “Janus Holberg” or any other Swedish male first name that starts with J.

Also, the Ringfort Fredrik is way closer match to the “Holberg, J” than Fredrik Holberg seen on security badge. Ringfort Fredrik and “Holberg, J” both appear to be in their 30s while Fredrik Holberg security badge image appears to be 50+ in age.

And here are 3 facts from the game (my evidence) which doesn’t argee Ringfort Fredrik being Fredrik Holberg.

  1. Side mission “Energy independence”:

From the mission data, it’s seen that while Ringfort Fredrik joined the camp lately, he was observing machine structures and was thinking that it won’t take long for machines to occupy entire Östertön.

However, real Holberg knew very well that once FNIX takes control, the entire Östertön is lost. Hence why he ordered the population evacuation.

This is the 1st, albeit the weakest clue of Ringfort Fredrik not being Fredrik Holberg.

  1. Side mission “Fuel to the Fire”:

Ringfort Fredrik has 0 clue about harvesters or what they do. All he knows is what he has observed. The real Fredrik Holberg knows exactly that those machines are Ingenjörsmaskin 80 - “Oxen” and what they are capable of, since he, personally, oversaw their design and construction.

This is a good evidence of Ringfort Fredrik not being Fredrik Holberg.

  1. Side mission “Synapses”:

From mission info: “… Fredrik, recently received a transmission in Morse code from a certain Holberg.”
In which reality one person can exist in two different places at the same time? Also, why send a Morse code message to yourself?

In mission item, we can read that Ringfort Fredrik, at one point, was in the Minken command bunker and while sheltering there, he heard that Morse code. Thing is, if Ringfort Fredrik is Fredrik Holberg, he would not need to transcribe or even hear that message since he would already know the contents of that message.

To me, this is the best evidence of showing Ringfort Fredrik being just another random survivor, with 0 clue about machines or what is going on, rather than being Fredrik Holberg.




I think you are probably right. It’s very easy to just assume that it’s Fredrik Holberg at The Ringfort. For me, it didn’t make sense that the most mysterious character in the story would suddenly just show up at the Ringfort and just hang out. Or would it? Maybe it would be the perfect place to hide, and still keep tabs on what’s going on? Anyway, I think the info you have gathered suggests that Ringfort Fredrik is not Fredrik Holberg.

Nice work. :slight_smile:


There’s another thing that i missed above:
Holberg is wearing glasses on security badge image. However, Ringfort Fredrik doesn’t have glasses on and if he would be Holberg, he wouldn’t stand that high above the map to read it.

Of course, this isn’t the best evidence, especially since if Holberg is nearsighted (having difficulty seeing distant objects). If so, Holberg wouldn’t need glasses to read the map while standing. But if Holberg would be farsighted (having difficulty seeing close objects), then he would need glasses to read that map.

Though, as people age, many develop farsightedness, needing glasses to read close objects. And by the time of 1989, Holberg is 51 years old, giving good indication that Holberg most likely is farsighted than nearsighted.


Well… I’m sorry to say it, but the NPC’s are GZ’s biggest disappointment, in my opinion.
That’s a different discussion, but I think we can safely assume that with the current braindead and statuesque NPC’s, the devs have not paid that much attention to detail to account for your observation on near/farsightedness and how close he’s standing to the map… Would have been hilarious if they had left that detail in there intentionally, though! :laughing:

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Hello Aesyle, you have examined this very good, my compliment.:+1::+1:
And as i read your findings i assume that you are right.

The Man in Mullvadsberget Tunnel is not F. Holberg

When i compare the faceshape from that Holberg in the Biography and them in Mullvadsberget Tunnel then they look very similar. The shape of the Eyes from that both are looking very similar too. When you think away the beard he could be the J. Holberg pherhaps a son or a nephew from F. Holberg. But the Frederik who is in the Mullvadsberget Tunnel must something have to do with the military becaus he’s wearing a combat suit. I haven’t look at his rank signs. F. Holberg has a Colonels Rank (swed. Överste) three silver stars on the shoulder. The Hairdo from Holberg in the Charakter Bio and the Hairdo of that Man in the Mullvadsberget Tunnel looks also similar.

The man in the Mullvadsberget Tunnel looks for me younger than the age of fifty. I appreciate him so in the mid of his fourties. He has not so much silver in his hair. My first silver appeared in the mid of fifty.
I noticed my farsight as my arms went to short while reading a book. That has begun before fifty so in the end of my fourtys. But thirty years sitting in front of a screen has sustained also causing my farsight

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Just putting my reply here to confirm that I as well fell to that easy Red herring and that Aesyle pointed it out in the 1hr video. Have to pay my respects for how well you can engage a topic and are interested in the Lore, so the community still has a good foothold on Lore

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What about the side missions “Unfinished investigation” and “Capitulation”?

In the dossier it says that Holberg J. answering directly to the ÖB (Commander-in-Chief), but on the badge it says Holberg F. is the ÖB.
During the invasion -or the March of the Maschines- Bengt Gustafsson was Sweden’s ÖB.
(ÖB = överbefälhavare, have the military rank general)
(If I remember correctly somewhere it was said that Fredrik Holberg was an secret ÖB)

Side note: Why does he look like Gordon Ramsay on the badge? :joy:

What’s about these two missions? :thinking:

“Unfinished investigation” only mentions Holberg and in “Capitulation”, survivors met Holberg.

Well, it could mean that Holberg is ÖB of the FOA, which he is. However, it doesn’t mean that Holberg is ÖB of the entire Swedish armed forces.

For example, Stephan Winkelmann is a President. But he is not a President of a nation (e.g USA). Instead, he is a President of Bugatti and Lamborghini.

The bottom line of FH:s dossier ties in with the mission. All mention of FH at all can give us an lead where he really is.

And in “Capitualtion” is the last trace of FH.

I agree that he in Ringfortet is not the commander.

This is the last trace of Holberg in Alpine Unrest DLC. In FNIX Rising DLC, which events take place after Alpine Unrest events, the latest mention of Holberg is in the “Synapses” mission, where Holberg sent out the morse code to command bunkers. (Screenshot in my 1st post.)

Given that what is written in that morse code, suggests that Holberg is still in play since “Capitualtion” took place at 10th of November 1989 (d-day), while FNIX built his neural nodes at least a month after the d-day. (Player plays FNIX Rising in late December, between 26th and 29th, 1989.)

Could the morse code have been sent in the beginnning of the game? Or at least from Himfjäll.

Nonetheless I hope to see more of FH and where he is hiding.
I starting to wonder if FNIX sent the Reaper to hunt down Holberg :thinking:

Highly unlikely, since as i said above, FNIX needed time to construct his buildings.

This is a possibility. Though, by the time player gets to Himfjäll, a month has passed, while Holberg was on Himfjäll during the d-day events. And by the time player gets to South Coast, seeing FNIX buildings, almost 2 months have been passed since d-day.

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