Frequent Crashes / Endless Crashing - Please Help!

Platform: XBOX Series S

Description: Game crashes

Steps To Reproduce:

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Host or Client: HOST

Players in your game: 2


The game has been fairly stable except for minor glitches and bugs. But yesterday it kept crashing in the same spot. One of us hosting on Xbox and the other joining from PC. Both play the GamePass version.

We were walking from the airport and reached the gate in the fence when it suddenly crashed on the XBOX. Happened three times in almost the same spot.

Love the game but we can´t invest in any DLC´s if the quality doesn´t improve.

Hi everyone, i know this is another one or continuing this post, but since the new small patch, myself and few others are consistantly receiving crashes out of the blue, with no real reason why, companions are still unable to be used in multiplayer without crashing, aswell as anytime i use the DLC rocket launcher and ammo and shoot it, i get massive annoying fire glitch sound or somthing along that line, ive had to resort back to origional m/39 rocket launcher, on that note the experimental variant 3/4 of the time doesnt hit the target when ur aiming right at it, or looking down scope, just goes straight through, i havent checked the buildings at army base yet, but cant seem to stay in game without 3-5 crashes at a time, any help appreciated

Please add on which system you play on.

i have it on PS4, and xbox one but i play more now on steam PC and thats where ive noticed it, unsure if its on consoles but havent played them in a long long time

How do you disable afterburner?

Even better with headphones on!!! You can tell exactly which direction it’s coming from. So cool!!!

That sandy bridge with that 1st gen of RTX… Is a bad combo (mem wise)
Sandy is a mean gpu (my favorite, engineering wise, just geniuos).
But interface with current HW… Fail.

As for GZ…

Its time WE flood the company with emails.