Frequent Crashes / Endless Crashing - Please Help!

I’ve had my eye on this game for quite a while. I got a chance to try it during the free weekend on Steam and after about one hour of trying it out I purchased it. After that it’s been nothing but a crash-fest. I have lost so much time and progress. I may spend hours slowly creeping around and picking off enemies around a military base but before I complete the objective it crashes. All my ammo is then used up and all the enemies are reset. It’s just become a terrible nightmare. I love the game so much, the world is so enveloping and I want to keep pressing on but I can’t until this is resolved! At this point it’s a huge waste of money if I never get to play it properly. Furthermore I have spent now a dozen hours trying to troubleshoot to no avail.

For the love of all humanity please fix this game. I don’t even care if anything gets changed or added I just want to be able to play it as it is.

I cannot give any clue as to what causes the crashes as far as what’s happening. They happen anytime. I have even paused it and came back a minute later to find it crashed.

Sometimes it appears to freeze. When I ctl-alt-del to get to Task Manager I then can see a “This program has stopped working” Windows error hidden behind the full frozen game screen. I choose the Close this application option. It then proceeds to write a typically 7gigabyte dump file to appdata/local/crashdumps. Before I realized it was doing that it used up every bit of my SSD system drive.

That kind of crash happens about 30% of the time and does not trigger CrashReporter.
It is listed in Event Viewer as a BEX64 error. This is usually an error triggered by Data Execution Prevention. It’s not so easy to disable DEP for a 64 bit app, but DEP can be completely disabled via the command line. I have done so and somehow even with DEP disabled the crash and error still appear.

The other 70% of the time it’s a fast close to desktop and CrashReporter is triggered.
It could happen absolutely anytime anywhere from 1 minute to 6 hours into a play session.
90% of the time it’s within 5 minutes of play. I can start the game right back up after a crash and the odds are the same. Every once in a while it sticks and I settle back into playing only to be rudely ejected at usually some critical point, such as I just won a massively difficult battle against the bots and was 2 feet away from the mission objective and then all that progress (and ammo) is lost.

I have tried safe mode, I have done multiple memory checks without error, check disk ran multiple times, verified Steam cache, cleaned registry and junk files, reinstalled to different drives, disabled all Windows visual themes and extras, set graphics to every possible setting (it crashes the least on Ultra settings). I have ensured all my drivers and Windows updates are up to date. I have ran virus and malware scans. I have tried with Steam in offline mode, and with Steam overlay disabled. It might be a little more stable with Steam in offline mode but I still get both kinds of crashes. They all seem to be different forms of memory violations as far as I can glean from the dumps. It really doesn’t seem like there’s anything I can do to help at all. Furthermore I have a lot of games working absolutely fine and no similar issues which would surely turn up. Even Ark Survival Evolved is running without issue and that’s a miracle. My system is very stable right now, event viewer is pretty clean of problems. DX Diagnosis shows no problems found.

I have tried underclocking, overclocking and running at standard spec both GPU and CPU.

Steam forums are full of people experiences tons of crashes so I don’t think I have a messed up system.

I only play single player, wouldn’t even dream of trying MP with such instability.

Windows 7x64
Intel Core i5 3570k
nVidia GTX 2060 FE

Please help!


Heyo, thanks for the report. This issue sounds a lot like what me and many others are experiencing with the game as well. There have been many theories about this so far, and people have gone in-depth about these issues like there’s no tomorrow.

Most of the time (for me at least) the game runs fine. But within the first 10-20 minutes of playtime, it’s very benign to crash and/or freeze. It either drops to desktop with crash report, or without. It’s especially prominent during MP sessions.

Crashing has also happened a lot during combat, especially with Tanks that have lost their weapons and resorted to charging. It’s a tough nut to crack. I do believe the devs are doing what they can to hammer these issues down, they’ve even got live confirmation themselves as the game crashed during the Q&A Session last wednesday, with similar symptoms :thinking:

Your report contains a lot of valuable feedback, so I’m going to forward it to the devs, see if they can help more than I can. Cheers.


Thanks Xezr.

I forgot to mention that the two errors myself and others are seeing in Event Viewer error reports are 0xc0000409 and 0xc0000005, with occasional BEX64 crashes. All these would appear memory related.
I can’t glean anything from the CrashReporter documents logs.

There are a lot of people having this issue. There are now people trickling into Steam attacking those of us having them saying those of us who can’t play what we have purchased due to this are insignificant in number and not a concern to the developers. I hope they are wrong but I have yet to see a developer respond to any of this at all. It’s really sad to drop $20 on something you love and then be left with something unusable and broken. I want to write the most glowing, exalting review of this game but I can’t in good conscience do that until I see that the most serious issue of so many people not even being able to play what they’ve paid for being addressed.

This is one of the most compelling and engaging titles I’ve seen in years, the artistic design and detail is brilliant, the immersion and tension are off the charts. Please let me play it. If this was something I bought from a store I’d have to return it with a tear in my eye hoping they’d get a restock but I’m stuck with this. I don’t want a refund, I want it to work.


That’s just flat-out wrong on so many levels. The devs have gone out of their way to talk about these issues during the live Q&A’s. There are plenty of people here on the forums who have recieved responses and assistance from Avalanche directly. They take issues like these very seriously and if there’s help that can be given, (and if there’s time) it will be offered.

The devs are active on the forums every week, and I’ve PM’ed with them on many occasions to try and help people having problems so there’s no way anybody’s considered insignificant. I mean, what’s the point of having a playerbase if you’re going to ignore them? :thinking: But Avalanche are a small studio, so there’s only so much they can do at a time. And from what I’ve seen so far, what they’ve been able to accomplish is incredible.

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I like this game but it crashes every few minutes for me also


I have also had 2 multiplayer and 3 solo crash reports just today and the odd few last couple a days , it wont stop me playing :+1: kinda hoping for it to be fixed in next patch , Ps4 cheers

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Hi @SkEyE! :wave:

We are working on reducing the amount of crashes and hopefully our next patch will make a noticeable difference for you and others who are crashing often.

Thanks for the detailed report, thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience! :pray:

ps. Thanks for the kind words and happy to hear that you like the game (beside the crashing)


hope it stops crashing on you as much , i have alot of trouble too but also love game

My game crashed 4 times today, must be related to having all bunkers open, almost never crashed before yesterday, or it might have nothing to do with it at all.
It is strange because until now the game had almost no crashes.

PS4 version
error- (CE-34878-0)
solo session
rivals update
report was sent through Sony

That’s reassuring to read.

Since you guys have a clue what the crash reports are indicating I wonder if you can suggest any tips, tricks, settings, etc for we at the other end to try or change on/in our systems or configurations?

Also, crash reporter is not kicking in for many of the crashes for many of the people as far as I’ve gathered so I don’t know how your team might be aware of those crashes to even try to fix them. As already mentioned they seem to be those same three EventIDs I mentioned previously for everyone I’ve seen actually post EventIDs.

I appreciate the response and that these issues are being addressed, thank you.

I played solo today, for about 2h.

Game crashed about 10x in that time :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Crash reports sent.
I hope Avalanche will fix this soon, because at the moment GZ is totally unplayable.

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It’s definitely gotten worse. I can’t rely on fighting enemies for extended periods of time any longer, out of fear for the game crashing, and losing my progress. And it’s especially bad with Tanks, I’ve started to avoid them altogether.

Avalanche have said they’re looking into fixing crashes for the November Update, I really hope they’ve done some in-depth work on the issue. I hope not just to see a single bullet point in the patch notes saying “Various crashes fixed”, but rather telling us exactly which issues were causing them, and that they’re corrected.

As it is, this could ruin the game.


The recent crashes on my ps4 account is when fasttravelling, then I have to restart ps4 to not end in a loop of crashing. It’s not very common to me, but when it’s first occur it tends to happen again later on…

Constant crashing on PS4 tonight must be about ten times I can’t start a game load and I’ve downloaded the online game save data too. It’s When I click on the continue button from the menu or join a multiplayer game of one other person

PS4 screen says CE-34878-0

Reinstalled the game and re downloaded save data and even tried starting a new character but it’s still crashing

try selecting character rather than using continue , also try having a player invite you and do a fast travel and then try restarting game aswell, also make sure u dont have the arctic jacket equipped as it has some probs at the moment. hope any of that helps.

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One more thing - few days ago I was able to play for 2-3h without any problems. I don’t have any part of the antarctic outfit on any of my characters.

Thanks I don’t have the artic jacket and tried an invite from a player and that also kept crashing (actually how it started). I can’t get in to the game so fast travel won’t work and it crashes if I pick a new character and try to start

Well put what you describe happens to me my wife my kids my friends and All my new pals in this very forum , Great game And great forum it would be a shame for both to dissappear because of one main bug , thank’s for your support xezr lad :grinning:

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I have my theory - it crashes when a machine suppose to become a rival.

I killed last rival in my game about 2h ago (I had 1 lvl4 rival in each region). After that I travelled from region to region killing everything I stumbled upon, and nothing… no new rivals. Just crashes.