Still lots of bugs

Game still has a lot of issues, very disappointing.

  1. Falling through the map into water - you get stuck in a loop where you fall through the map into water, respawn where you was, and immediately fall though again, you can stop the loop by fast travelling to a safe house if you’re quick enough, but as soon as you walk out of the safe house onto terrain, you fall again.

  2. Game crashes - the game still crashes often, no fix apart from resetting the game. God forbid this happens to you while wearing headphones as the noise it makes is enough to burst your eardrums.

  3. Still massive frame drop and lag - as soon as there’s a bit of action happening, the game slows down a lot, the frame rate drops massively, and the audio sucks

  4. Enemies - sometimes you kill an enemy and it freezes in time, in a state where it still seems alive, so you can’t loot it, and it will still make noises.
    Some enemies when they are destroyed and fall, particularly tanks and harvesters, go all limp and flip around and have ‘fits’, looks ridiculous and stops you from looting sometimes or makes them inaccessible.

Very annoying, has potential to be a decent game but it sucks for these reasons


Be aware that list threads are frowned upon in #bug-reports. They are difficult to go through and often lack crucial information that one needs to provide, preferrably with this template. But I’ll go through your points regardless, Captain.

It’s a known issue. The main thread is here.

Main thread for ingame crashes is here.

Unless you’re willing to provide more details such as the platform you play on et cetera, there’s no way to confirm how and when this happens.

Again, you need to provide more details. If you can’t find a topic about this issue, feel free to create a bug report about it.

That sounds like an issue related to the Havok physics engine. Perhaps it can be adjusted, not sure.
You could make a separate bug report about that as well.

Since this topic lacks detailed information about the issues, & refers to several issues at once that are already acknowledged bugs by the dev team, I’ll be locking this. Stating a list of issues along with “but it sucks” does not warrant for a proper bug report.