Fuel cells not working(?)


When I place a fuel cell and shoot it it only goes poof, but no explosion or similar is happening.

Steps To Reproduce:
Place a fuel cell on the ground and shoot it afterwards.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client:

Players in your game:
Only me

Ryzen 5 2600
Game on SSD
GTX 1080

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Tried to reproduce your issue and compared to the medium fuel cell and large fuel cell, the small fuel cell explosion is as it’s supposed to be, since it’s small.

Recorded a vid as well. My findings:


Thank you for showing the differences of the various containers. It was fun to watch all those different explosions :smiley:

Nevertheless I think the explosion of the small fuel cell looks like that of a balloon not of a cell with high explosive fuel in it. It seems they are a waste to carry.

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The best weight to explosion force ratio would be large fuel cell. But since they are hard to come by, explosive gas tank is 2nd best due to the great availability.

So, based on my findings, can we agree that small fuel cell is working as intended and there is no bug about it?

If this small explosion is intended, we can agree. But I’d like fuel cells to have a bit more oomph :wink:

You can close it.

With small fuel cell working as intended, there is no bug about it and i’ll close this topic.