Future of the game **SPOILERS**


First time posting so here’s to hoping I do this right! SPOILERS

SPOILERS (Figured I would add it again just to be safe)

After playing FNIX Rising and Alpine Unrest, I was thinking of what’s to come for the game. We see a tougher class of machines and know there are survivors out there, so what else can be done? What else could they add without it becoming too much of a grind with the same kind of missions over and over?

For one, I was thinking of a different type of machine. If these machines are geared towards “learning us” or progressively getting more tough, perhaps a new type of machine will be introduced. A camouflaged or invisible machine that stalks you maybe? A submersible type that burrows in the earth? Machines that vary attacks such as stunning you and you cant see or uses an adhesive to immobilize you? Just spitballing what can make it unique and add content with machines.

Another thought for future additions is related to the added destruction that is around the landscape, particularly the farmlands. We have seen more and more destroyed buildings and craters left in the ground with updates. I think it will continue to the point where the island is overrun with machines and you will have to battle back to take out different FNIX outposts, similar to the end of FNIX Rising. It seems like this game has been set up to lead to more and more survivors being found and resistance groups being formed focusing on smash and grab operations. I hope it doesn’t turn to different human factions battling against each other as I would rather the fight stay focused on the machines.

I would love some tutorials on how to use the recycling station and crafting stations but will just have to keep searching, unless any of you have any resources to point me to.
All that aside, I’m happy with the game. There are things I would like to be different and features I would like added, but all in all this is one of my favorite games for sure. Very interested to see where the future of this game will go! What are some things you all think will be added or where do you think the game will go?

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