Game crash in game like every 10-30min PC

hi, my game crash all time, dont care if im walking or fighting or just standing arround. The screen get frozen, then its crash and get closed, i have den a crash report with code 1403. i have reinstalled the game, i had make updted all the tribers but the problem is still there.
Please help

Mainboard H97-D3h gygabyte
Cpu I5-4590 3.30GHz
Windows 7 64Bit
Gpu Nvidia GeForce GTX 970

i hope that its works, that is the dxdiag.xml

Hi, I am unable to understand your specific problem, however I would just say that for older and slower PCs installing GZ on a SSD and boosting the windows virtual memory could help. It was my personal experience.

i dont think that i have a problem with the hardware becauese other games that also need some power run with out problems.
how can i send here the dxdiag report, maybe that will help more.

its dont care if i am fighting or walking around that the game crash, sometimes it takes 5 mins other times 20 or 30 min

make sure you are not overheating with a prog like cpuz ( freeware) from
this might be worth looking at also