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Hi there, I’ve owned this game for over 6 months. It could only play 111 minutes. Since then a new update came, I could not start it. It always crashes when you log in online. I’ve tried everything. Game reinstalled, game repaired via Steam, all my drivers are up to date, I also have the minimum requirements and I even switched off windows defender and firewall. But nothing helps. Since it was running before the update, it cannot be due to my software or hardware. It’s pretty annoying, I can’t even get my money back through steam because they say I’ve already had 2 hours of play. but my playing time is 111 minutes. I ask for a solution to the problem. here the error report.

<? xml version = “1.0” encoding = “UTF-8”?> - <CrashRpt version = “1403”> <CrashGUID> 1ef21145-8201-473a-8977-8664be3b1ada </ CrashGUID> <AppName> GenerationZero_F </ AppName> <AppVersion> 1.0.0 </ AppVersion> <Image name>: \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Generation Zero \ GenerationZero_F.exe </ Image name> <OperatingSystem> Windows 10 Home Build 18362 </OperatingSystem> <OSIs64Bit> 1 </ OSIs64Bit> <GeoLocation> de-de </ GeoLocation> <SystemTimeUTC> 2020-01-19T10: 09: 26Z </ SystemTimeUTC> <Exception address> 0x7ffb6109167c </ Exception Address> <Exception Modules> C: \ Windows \ System32 \ VCRUNTIME140.dll </ Exception Modules> <Exception ModuleBase> 0x7ffb61090000 </ Exception ModuleBase> <Exception Module Version> 14.22.27821.0 </ Exception Module Version> <ExceptionType> 11 </ ExceptionType> <GUIResourceCount> 15 </ GUIResourceCount> <Open HandleCount> 1050 </ Open HandleCount> <MemoryUsageKbytes> 7961324 </ MemoryUsageKbytes> - <CustomProps> <Prop value = “GenerationZero_F” name = “AppName” /> <Prop value = “1.0.0” name = “AppVersion” /> <Prop value = “delivery” name = “BranchName” /> <Prop value = “2e264480-5d2f-48a4-a5f0-0a770ca6cac6” name = “CrashUUID” /> <Prop value = “6964f423-05ff-4702-8067-32b5360801f9” name = “SessionUUID” /> <Prop value = “2020-01-19T10: 09: 03” name = “StartTime” /> <Prop value = “0” name = “UserName” /> <Prop value = “Built by: cataclysm-delivery-source-win64-final, P4 #: 1766220 Jenkins #: 33” name = “VersionString” /> </ CustomProps> - <File List> <FileItem name = “crashdump.dmp” description = “Crash Minidump” /> <FileItem name = “crashrpt.xml” description = “Crash Description XML” /> </ FileList> </ CrashRpt>

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Hey, this sounds like a serious issue so I’ve forwarded it to the devs. Sorry to hear you’re having problems.


Does it make a difference whether you (backup and) remove your save files?



@pegnose Really great :slight_smile:

Saved files and deleted from the folder and it runs again.
Then my save files is probably in the bucket.

Many many thanks for your help and hope it stays that way :slight_smile:

keep it up :wink:


Not sure whether the devs can perhaps help with fixing the save. Might be worth keeping for the time being. Probably not, though.

I believe there was a thread very similar to this one, read here towards the end:

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Hey @Jiskassa :wave:

If you still have a copy, would you be up for providing us with a copy of your save file that caused the crash? We would be interested in investigating the save file and see if we can find out what is causing the crash.

Send me a DM here in the forum if you are up for it!

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for reporting! :pray: