Game crashes on Xbox after landfall update

I love the new update but the game keeps crashing now, especially in big villages like Ostervik and hagaboda. I play it on Xbox. Anyone else having the same issue or is it my Xbox?


Old Gen or next Gen?

Old gen. Xbox one S, to be exact.

Platform: Xbox
I can no Longer play due to the same crash happening over and over. We spawn in at the Safehouse in OSterviks, and at first we would ride our bikes towards Parlsjon, but the game kept crashing on us as we road through the town. So we decided to just walk thinking maybe it was the bikes but the same thing happens everytime without fail.

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My game is crashing over and over and over. I closed the game, restarted my Xbox, uninstalled and reinstalled. Idk what else I can do. Not finding much on it for this week 2022 on Google other than found this place hoping to find answers.

Since the last update, on xbox one, there is no more possible to play the game more then 15min because de game crash. When it crash we reopen the game but now its after 5-10 minute and if we keep reopen it, it takes like 2 or 3 minutes and it crash again and again. I’ll try to uninstall reinstall but if the game keeps crashing I don’t know what we can do more. Please tell me what you think about it.

I got this problem too, reinstalling didn’t work for me. I mailed , they reply faster there than here.
Do you have it everywhere on the map or is it only close or in Ă–stervik?

No everywhere, those it appens only within the last update for you? And those it evrywhere?

I’m on Xbox series X. Every single time I play with friends, my game crashes. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled. Still happening. All started after the last huge update. Why did I spend money on this?

I havent figured out exactly what cause the crashing but whenever i move to the inner parts of Ă–stervik the game will crash, happens most times with or without friends.
Systems: Xbox One X Xbox One S, Xbox one
Quest: Flying Objects
Movement path: starting from safehouse Skåleklippans Jaktläger to the northeast jump off the cliff moving towards Östervik, revive yourself the adrenaline shot and continue running towards Östervik and the game crashes about 350 yards away

It’s been reported before it seems the xbox one cant handle the sheer amount being rendered in the area if you do a hard restart on the console and resync your save game to force the robots to all be reset and you should get a while before it crashes again which xbox are you running on?

Im on a xbox one s, my buddies are on an original one and a one x, we’ll try your suggestion and that does make sense there’s a lot of buildings and detail in Östervik

I sent an email explaining the issue to First they said I was the first time this issue got reported and they told me to reinstall the game and if the problem isn’t solved to send recordings. Well the problem is still there so I guess Im gonna record the crashes.

So my advice to anyone who freezes and crash in Ă–stervik to send this to that email address. They react very fast btw.

This is now the official report thread regarding crashes on Xbox post Landfall Update. All reports made regarding this issue will be moved here to keep them in one place. Tags have been added to make finding this thread easier.


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I spoken to community members running GZ on all generations of XBOX, and as much as I would like to say it’s the old consoles - it’s not. Everything from a Gen 1 XBO, to a Series X has flagged ongoing crashing - mainly as mentioned above in Ostervik, and Wave Defence Mode in multiplayer.

On top of that - Shock Rounds have also been causing console shut down during combat, especially through an experimental kvm59 with the yellow lightning effect, then following reload into game, all shock rounds regardless of type - form no electrical arc between the rounds. It was only a full console restart, and resync that got them working as intended.

I’ve also played on series S , I’ve not encountered this yet :thinking:

Well, the Game constantly crashes on Xbox One S and on Xbox One S all digital.
We can’t play with the game. 5-10 mins and Crash…and again… and again n again…

We bought all the DLC’s we want to play with the game, but we can’t…
This is not cool… we are thinking we want our money back, if the team can’t solve the problem.

This is not a Next Gen game. Optimization is very week… server and/or memory problem…
We LOVE this game. Really. But this is … nonsense…

Pls! Do something!

I contact the support and this is there next update I think and I think this is not only in this game… More they make update on Xbox One and Xbox Series more the game get laggy and disfonctional I hope it will be fix soon too me my girlfriend and my brother play the game togheter and it’s been a while this is sad to view how much this update have kill the game.

I’m on the PS4 and and just the past week alone I’ve had the blue screen of death or my game freezes almost 20 times and just today in an hour of playing I got blue screened twice. And for me it doesn’t matter where I’m at on the map and it doesn’t matter if I’m in someone else’s lobby. This is very frustrating I’ve been playing this game next month for 2 years. I love steaming this game and playing with friends and family but it seems that every update just makes the matters worse. If there is any help on how to fix this problem please let me know, I really don’t want to stop playing this game because of this problem. Thanks everyone