Game Crashing - PS4

Since today (8/5-2022) the game started crashing upon being booted up. I can’t play at all, as soon as I start the game I get a bluescreen, I have tried everything from restarting the PS4 to reinstalling the game but nothing works. I hope this gets fixed ASAP!

This worked for me and my friend on ps5.

Just logged in half an hour ago.
Safehouses were gone again. Started the assignments and went to destroy a tank. Just a few seconds after the first one blew up the game crashed and kept on crashing when starting the game. Tried this savegame trick, but didn’t work.

Ok, nothing I could solve with local data, so the reason should be online, I thought. Browsed to my apex connect account, deleted it, started the game and it worked. I was asked to stop deletion process and I agreed. Jumped into the game, got rewards for the assignment (and a lot more, I guess) and checked the apex connect preferences. It says “connecting”. Can’t watch in my fmtel, but can play now.

Got blue screen when the base building missions started to work(PS4). Now i have tried to reinstall the game but this is what it says…