Game from NEW START Button is missing in menu


It´s are cool when in the Game Menü the Button “STARTS NEW GAME” is, where all cleared, then all clear in the Data Archive are to complicated


Would you mind rephrasing that? I have no idea what you’re saying.


That the Game Starts from new where is all cleared, when i start now without clear the Save Data, then all marks on, and i must clear the character


Since all character slots share the same progress, starting a new game is only possible if you delete all of them and restart the game.


and this is stupid sorry


Sorry that you think so. This is a topic that’s been discussed before, and the devs are aware that many want to have individual saves so we’ll have to see what the future brings.


On PS4 when I delete all characters and start a new game. All markers are gone but relay beacons dont’t respawn. So a start new game button wouldn’t be so bad if it cleared all the saved files including characters.


the Relay Beacons respawn not on pc, and has nothing with restart to do, i deinstall the game, and start new, was not normal is