Game keeps crashing on Xbox one series s

Every time I try and open the game it freezes during the loading screen, then sends me back to the Xbox Home Screen. I’ve tried Uninstalling and reinstalling it and it is not fix the problem at all. I’m not sure what to do at this point


I can’t say I’ve had this on series S, I play on X and S but this isn’t something that’s happened?
I hope somebody here can help :ok_hand::ok_hand:

I got the same problem since today on my X. It was working great, didn’t have a problem at all. Which wasn’t the case on my old Xbox one s. Was so happy that this beast could handle the game, and could finally play it without cursing and swearing, and now I’m kinda having the face of a child that got robbed from its candy :slightly_frowning_face: I haven’t found a solution yet. I’m gonna send a ticket to the developers if it’s still like this tomorrow. Maybe it’s the server…well I hope it is :roll_eyes:

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Hi all,

I just started to have the same issue on the series x, at first I was trying to build my base and for some reason I could rebuild on a area I recently build on so I thought I’d try a reset. Now the game
Keeps crashing on load up :sweat:

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Dam that’s pretty bad am hoping it’s not spreading, was on yesterday with no issues, hopefully this can be resolved ! :+1:

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Mine isn’t that bad, but anytime I am going into a larger area if freezes and then crashes. I am also on the xbox one s. Ever since they did that big update a while back there have been nothing but probems

My game has been crashing as well on Xbox 1 about every 3-5 minutes. Single and multiplayer. Crashing was never this bad before and I’ve tried everything to fix it. It’s not even just freezing then crashing, it’s just quitting the whole game back to the Xbox Home Screen :frowning:

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I’ve had one session tonight it was fine, I own the game not sure if that makes any difference not on game pass !

Ever since the landfall update I have had constant problems. I cannot even play the game really Seems to me like the devs are too focused on the other platforms and aren’t doing anything for the Xbox issues. I love this game, but it’s pretty much usesless for me

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I play now on series X and S , I’ve had bugs after trying 2nd charector, random teleporting machines in some areas but nothing like what your describing, you playing on game pass as I’ve found Xbox pretty stable ?

Sounds like the infamous savegame corruption on base building problem, that has unfortunately affected many users - and with no acknowledgement from the devs so far. :grimacing:

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Xbox one -
Exactly the same issues, ever since I’ve installed landfall its been freezing, then back to the start screen. The lagging is so frustrating, i stopped playing for a week only to comeback on and have the same issues. I guessed there may have been an update to sole the problem…
AWESOME game but i just can’t play it atm with these issues.

Verdammt, i have the same problem. My xbox Crashs every time!!! Whats the matter?

I’m not saying it’s a guaranteed fix - BUT it has worked for a few over the years.

Clear your LOCAL game save from the GZ saved games folder, then press and hold the power button and turn off. Power back on, and then load the game as normal - it will sync your profile and may run better.

Where is this Place in xbox?

I have been having massive problems with the xbox one for a week now. The picture freezes and the xbox hangs every time. What has been changed ? Everything was fine before.

You’ll need to hover over the tile and press select, then into manage game. Then into save game folder, then your profile game save. Select this, and delete from local only. Then restart XBOX from power button as mentioned above.

Thank you, but it did not help. The game crashes after 15 to 20 Minuten.

So are they every gonna fix this its been months

rather old thread… curious if anyone of the xbox’ers are running off a external HD. if so don’t. On my PS I had the same issue pop up cause of running off my extenal HD. once I switched the game over to internal HD I have had no issues and it runs way faster with minimal lag unless I cross the games invisible boundary lines where it has to load in more stuff and get a stutter.