Game lags really hard and crashes on Himfäll after latest Update (PS4)

Its become really difficult to grind for the Soviet Weapons because I can’t go any longer then Ten Minutes without either the frames dropping to a PowerPoint presentation or just straight up crashing

It´s been that way since November 2020.
It´s not because of latest update

see if it´s related to this or if your problem is indeed different.

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A sidenote: you don’t have to be in Himfjäll, killing Apo class machines, since 5* versions of Soviet (and U.S.) weapons drop from FNIX class of machines as well.

Some proofs from my game:

5* SVD from FNIX harv

5* AT-WAD mag from FNIX hunter

That, however, is a serious issue and similar have been reported before, including by Mr_A1992 above.