Game tactic and where to use them

Hello , everyone feel free to write there tactics that you use in game in different situations .
For instance when l am in a house (or building ) generally that the windows are a little to high l place some chairs and with this way a generally make places to camp in houses easily , this tactics is especially usefull with the small windows because they make harder for the robots to shoot you , also you can use this tactic in the airport on farmalands region .

Too lazy to retype:

"Being ex-military, I use all I get: the landscape, sniper positions, when they close in I like to have most dead before it gets hairy.
Then I start to move around, fast, but erratic, so machines can’t predict my path.
They do, and quite good, unless you behave “irrational”.
I also love to get them bottlenecked, if I can.

Preserve ammo: as machines are quite tough (and they need no toughening up, for me, just a better accuracy and aggression, thank you Devs :stuck_out_tongue: ), so shoot when “sure” you will hit.
Here, thankfully, my gaming experience kicks in…
I’m a fairly good shot.

Many use explosive stuff like air/gas tanks or cars or…, I do as well, if they happen to be around it, I do not run around with explosives (for some reason I tend to either kill myself, or be killed when explosives are used. I virtually any game). :slight_smile:

Still, the BEST weapon is not a golden sniper or machine gun or pistol, it’s not explosives, it’s not anything physical like that.
It’s the brain.
Use tactics against them, and be as unpredictable possible…
They truly hate it, and fail through that."

The best weapons is sticky flares :joy: just throw one on a harvester or tank with other machines around and just watch them destroy their friend :joy:

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If I hear Ticks inside houses, I blow up the fuse box. Works every time :slight_smile:


@Zesiir Just when you use this be sure that they are not any cars around :joy:

Seriously??!? Please confirm before I try that myself and looks like an idiot :wink:

Its confirmed just try not to die from stomping attacks :joy:

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You are so much pulling my leg, @Tasos_The_Killer :rofl:

Nah it’s true. You toss a Sticky Flare on a Machine and other Machines will target it. Which can be fun, if you have two tanks you want fighing eachother…

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Now don’t you get started too, @Zesiir! You are a mod and you’re suppose to behave :joy: Okay, I’ll try it out tonight knowing that I’ll be the laughing stock of the forum :wink:

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My #1 combat tactic is run to the nearest barn or house and fight from inside. 100% success every time. This game exploit would be good to see eliminated. Those guns and rockets on the machines should punch through wooden buildings like they are not there. You’d still gain concealment but not hard cover.

Hey, that’s cool - never thought of that. But I didn’t think of the sticky flare trick either (still have to see it to believe it). Didn’t consider the flare tactics until lately, actually. I mostly got through the game so far by shooting my targets. But recently I take out ticks in houses by shooting up a window and throwing in a flare or some fireworks. That triggers their timer and a few moments later they autodestruct. No XP points though.

I agree. Fighting from wooden constructions like barns seems a bit unfair to the machines. But houses are fair. I have some talent in getting hunters and tanks to settle down and quietly accept my beating. They can see me, but their weapons doesn’t have me in line of sight. So I take my time and focus on precise aim. It is so fun to see only the tanks “head” in the window frame, while I take out its red eye with two accurate shots. The rest is then easy peasy. Unless, of course, they have a gas granade launcher. Then you better get rid of that first.

Might as well throw some tips out there :slight_smile:


Flares work great against Ticks, Seekers, Runners and Hunters. All three will immediately interrupt what they’re doing and chase after/start shooting the flare where it lands. Seekers will still alert when they see a flare, so watch out. The Flare doesn’t last for very long, but it buys you the time you need to either flee, or gain the upper hand. Harvesters won’t target Flares with their rockets; but they’ll try to stomp them out if you toss it at their feet. Tanks will ignore flares altogether, so don’t bother.

Throwing more than one flare works the same, they’ll target all flares where they land.

Sticky Flares

These work the same as regular ones, only you can stick them to surfaces. They stick to anything, so watch out when you throw them in forested areas. Throwing them at enemies will make them target eachother. Sticking flares to many enemies at once is difficult, but it can be fun to harrass trigger-happy enemies like Hunters or Tanks.


Distracts Machines so you can shoot at them without risking getting killed. Machine lights turn purple when they’re successfully confused. I’ve found them to work best against Tanks, so you can run up and take out their mounted weapons. I don’t think they work against Seekers or Ticks.


Now don’t you get started too, @Xezr! You are a mod and you’re suppose to behave :joy: Okay, I’ll try it out tonight knowing that I’ll be the laughing stock of the forum :wink:

I rest my case :smile:


And I stand corrected … and learned a new trick :+1:

Btw, has anyone considered a sticky hand granade?

Out of curiosity, how well can real-life military tactics be translated to this game? I’m asking because there are a few battle “simulators” such as Arma where real combat training is a huge advantage, but they’re usually centred around the US military and its allies and thus have a lot of gadgets that regular people don’t (including most armies), with the enemies being equally or less technologically advanced. In GenZ it’s the other way around. You have to make do with IEDs, lures and basically no intel, forcing the use of guerilla warfare tactics in lieu of brute force. I don’t know how far back you were in the military, but with combat training, do you ever feel limited by this?

I have never got the sticky flares to work on anything higher level than the army hunters. The FNIX hunters seem to rather shoot at me than their flared up comrades. I have never managed to distract even a prototype tank with a flare. As soon as I throw one, they just ignore it and target me instead. I always figured it was by design, that they’re “smarter” than the other machines. Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?

As far as tactics though, I prefer stealth since I’m not an amazing marksman. I mainly use the binoculars while moving, only switching to the AK4 when I hear or see a machine. I usually try to avoid confrontation and only use the AK as an “I’m fucked” solution.

Sitting in a shrubbery with a pair of binoculars has no business being as intense at it is.

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Well, logical and tactical thinking is always an advantage when battle comes to mind.
Cover, high grounds, bottlenecks, …
Simple example:
Church Tower as sniper nest. :slight_smile:

One thing I refuse to do is use game exploits like strafing and running around in circles against an enemy. This has been a standard tactic since Doom and Quake and I think it sucks and looks and feels really dumb, so I use real life tactics vs opponents (in any video game, no mater what it is). It bugs me when a game then punishes you for this but GZ does not. Real tactics do work and it pays to recon an enemy position and then select a good sniping post that has a covered disengagement route.

I have watched a few YT videos that offer tactics vs different machines and most involve running sideways round in circles which I just won’t do. Almost none of them actually offer sound military or hunting tactics.

Luckily GZ is a game I can play in the style I want to, which adds greatly to the immersion. I just have to exert the willpower to not hide in flimsy wooden buildings.


Churches aren’t that good anyway when Tanks can bombard the tower with missiles and Hunters can drop gas all over the place. The best defended locations (to my knowledge) are the small bunker safehouses, where you can hide, recuperate and attack at your own pace.

I’m grown up with games like Doom and Quake, and I daresay this game plays very differently. Sure you can run around like a maniac but you won’t hit much unless you take some serious risks. I try to kite disarmed Tanks into traps, for example. Or find suitable terrain where you can get the upper hand.