Game tactic and where to use them


Run around tanks in an open field, if you use this tactic they are easy to take down.


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Generally, I like to stay crouched when close to enemies or inside houses. Flashlight off if it can be. I like to draw enemies to houses, and fight them from there. Sometimes I try to place gas tanks or other explosives outside the house which I can shoot at later on. I’ll turn off all the lights and attack from 2nd floor balconies or windows if I can. Also, if possible, I will hop onto the roof and use it as cover when attacking.

I’m somewhat new to this game, so interested to hear other tactics as well!


A good tip for fighting tanks and/or harvesters is to try and lure them into an open field, then duck behind a shed or something, and try to shoot their guns off. This deals a load of damage to them and renders them non-lethal from a range. Tanks can still use their charge attack on you, and harvesters can still use their airblast attack. Even with these short ranged attacks, they’re pretty harmless as long as you’re far enough away. And if these larger machines come with an escort, always pick off the smallest robots first (excluding ticks, as you can just run from them and they don’t spawn naturally in fields), such as seekers, runners, or hunters, so you can get complete focus on the tank or harvester. :slight_smile:


I’m just gonna link a YouTube video here which explains the weak spots on the tanks, so check out this guys channel because he does way more generation zero stuff!(

And no, this is not ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ by Rick Astley, so don’t worry.


Keep in mind though, if the Tank has a Mortar attachment it can hit you behind cover. It seems splash-damage based so try to keep some kind of solid wall between you and where it lands.


That’s right I forgot :smile:


My tip for urban area combat is remember slice the pie (aka slice corner). Making yourself less visible to multiple enemies.

Step away from the corner, back up couple step and start to move around the corner. You have more visibility but robots can see you only one at the time.

If you hug the corner and peek out and shoot, you are visible to all the robots. Slicing the corner limits your visibility to the enemy.


Or duck back behind the corner… and keep going… right around the building. The machine AI is pretty slow and you can usually empty a clip into a hunter’s back by flanking him while he’s focussed on the corner you WERE behind.


The same is true at a longer range for Tanks. You need a place where he can’t simply run up to you - behind a blockhouse with water between you and him is perfect. You back up from your cover and move fractionally until you can just see his eye and nothing else. From there it’s just patience and bullets, and eventually he will fall over. You can fire at his elbow and he’ll go down at last, but the eye takes less bullets…


This is tactic what i also heavily rely. And is very good to know in this game.


Sorry for a littlebit late reply.

I’d love to tell more, but the September update kinda broke the game for me and spoiled my fun, so I stopped playing for a while.

I would just say; for me, smoke grenades worked a good number of times, be creative with them. Use them “in between” you and the enemy. Or if they are stationary; on them, so the machines are covered in smoke.
It seems to give me more ways to sneak around while not getting detected right away.

Do not use them to smoke your own character when you are in a fight, trying to run away.
You have been seen and the machines then have locked on. Some can see through smoke it seems - FNIX ones especially.

If I ever get to play again - hopefully after the Oktober update, i’ll experiment more with them.


I originally thought that church bell towers would be a good place to snipe from but the rocket and gas attacks changed my mind. The best place I have found in the church is to open the front door and either stand to either side of the door or if they are firing rockets to stand on either stairs. In a house I will run up to a window quickly look around and drop back. If a runner sees you they will usually melee the window which also breaks the window. If a tick is outside and sees you at a broken window they can jump through the window. In a house if the back door which has a large single pane glass I can stand and look out window and none of the machines notice me, but you can’t shoot through that window. If I want the window broken I usually use a shotgun because it usually only takes one shot and I don’t know if there is any difference in damage when I use other weapons. Most of the time using other weapons I see a hole and a spider web in the glass which makes it harder to see outside anyway.


I think the bell tower is good for sniping runners. Usually they don’t know where you are shooting from.


Yes, @GenerationZeroHero, but you’ll have to use a silencer. As soon as the runners (and usually the hunters) detects you, they close in on the walls and you’ll have to stand in the window pane to get them back into aim. And that is not without risk. When that happens I usually use @Falconwillow strategy and fight from the door opening.


Is it alright if someone tells me how to kill a tank and get tier 5 weapons off it? What do I do?


You can loot 5 star weapons only from fnix class tanks and harvesters ( you obtain also attachements ) and from military class tanks harvesters you can loot weapons from 1-4 stars and attachements :slight_smile: , hope that this will help you .


I know that but thanks! I was more so wondering the process of actually killing them that absolutely guarantees a tier 5 drop. :slight_smile:


Throw a flare into the open from the Church tower and engage when they run out to it…


Don’t think there is one. They never used to drop anything but ammunition for me, until someone else joined into my game who was used to getting kit off them. After that, they started dropping weapons. Curious! If you’re not getting one type of thing, invite someone who gets that, and when they have gone, it has changed the algorithm. It’s happened every time so far.