Gas masks and flashlight

Two things I would like to see is stronger flashlights and Gas masks that work even up to 50 per cent or higher


Chemist + Armor 3 + Vangaurd = 45% natural gas resist w/o mask

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Thanks for the info I will try it on my next playthrough,
What do you think on having a brighter flashlight? Because when im in a bunker and I am searching for a collectable or something else I can barely see.

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I do like the dimness, especially with multiple people. Adds sort of a horror element,… now if we could attach low light to some goggles,… we will be in business!

Given that the game takes place in the late '80s and what we have are incandescent light bulbs and not LED flashlights, i’d say we have it pretty good.

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yea but it takes way to long to get there with the skills…and also when fighting a machine with gas canisters…the masks are useless you are better off just running away…I have to chemist but the other two you are talk you already need to be in the higher level…I am only an 10 & the mask is fine for inside a building, but fighting a machine…I stopped wearing it & just runaway…cause it does nothing at least on the PS4

At lower levels the machines are supposed to be more dangerous. I am lvl 31 in those skills and can tank a lot of damage and do not have the health buff skill, just damage resistances. As you level up you will decide whether to go resistance, health, support, sniper, hacker, medic, sapper,…

My set up is damage resistance / medic / support:

Combat L: Aim Speed / Hip Shot Accuracy / Weapon Recoil II
Combat R: Reload Speed II / Run and Gun / Armor III / Armor Damage II / Trigger Happy II
Capstone: Vanguard
Support R: Throw Distance / Healer / Veteran Guerilla / Heal Amount III
Survival L: Stamina Amount / Running Speed / Carry Capacity II / Steady Feet
Tech R: Chemist / Lockpicking / Salvage II

Normal game logic would be the opposite, I would think, sir.
I mean, all other games have much harder end game than start…

However: topic is gasmask/flashlight.
Even though 1990’ish ingame time, there were certainly high performance light bulbs that were quite powerful for a very reasonable energy drain.
Sure, we have no energy drain ingame, but technology wise, a very powerful light can be made with a flashlight.
Note: very powerful for that age, naturally.
It’s not quite a 5000 lumen flashlight.

Still, 4 to 5 times current power of the light was not impossible.

Now, note, that is very powerful, 4 to 5 times the current light setting, I would suggest 2x, maybe 2.5x, and a wider cone.


Gasmask: It’s a bit strange how this (not) work.
I mean, it’s hardly having effect.

Not sure what the intention is here, but I get the feeling it’s more of a wardrobe thingy than a tool…

Dark Souls / Ghost of Tsushima / Dying Light / Risk of Rain 2 / Remnant,… You become more powerful as you go.

It is not game logic, it is a type of game. Generation Zero does have that curb.

Sure, you become stronger, but the opponents also become stronger, and often stronger than you are, sir.

At least, in the games that I played.
But ALL FPS/RPG/Slasher/Beat’m’Up have at least scaling opponents, is it not, sir?

Take for instance Mortal Combat, sir.
The end guy is… overwhelming… almost…?

you become more powerful in any game you play, just as your weapons get better and you can upgrade here & there…that is standard…but when you are talking about the gas mask that is useless in one aspect & works find in another aspect of the same game…then there is an issue. Besides that why would a gas mask only work at 20%…doesn’t make sense for example in Metro your filter has a small life & then runs out, but until it runs out completely it should would completely…not just a little bit…the way this game is set up…the mask works when you are in a building and your health goes slowly…but a machine shooting gas canisters at you…and your health goes from 100 to 3 in a matter of seconds & you don’t have a chance to do anything and that is with a mask on…it’s not viable. A mask is the kind of thing that will work or not work…doesn’t have increments except as to the length of time a filter is good for…but in this case there is no filter…

I see that some still think that gas mask should give you immunity for the gas. While the reality is, that gas masks only reduce the impact on your HP, but they won’t prevent taking damage.

From another topic, dev stated this:

There are different gases in-game. You can not expect the same HP reduction from e.g tear gas (e.g inside the bunkers) as you get from e.g nerve gas (e.g hunter’s gas pods).

It is not useless,… if you spec for it,… your gas tolerance can get tanky especially with the mask. I am usually mid-close range combat and have no issues with gas.

@Catalyst_Light has been able to see how I can literally stand next to tanks spewing gas on skirmish scaling. (have not gone to guerilla yet)

The big question is:
Do we even know if they are true gas chemical agents or vesicant (your mask will only help protect your lungs and eyes) chemical agents?

Excuse me, but not everyone specs for it.
I always was Marksman until something buggered the gold sniper rifle.
Full Marksman for me was the only logical choice, as I was one in real life.

A gas mask should protect those NOT speccing for it as well.
It is an item, not some tool you need to learn about.

There is only 30 points for a reason,…

Precisely, that is exactly why I said that, sir.
Those not having points to invest in that skill should also have protection.

One puts a gas mask on his head, it’s not quite algebra.

So I should be able to have Marksman? Even though I didn’t spec for it?

(They also at the least get ‘some’ protection. I don’t have any aim assist goggles to equip)

… wait, who said that??? O_O

I said, those that have a different spec should also be allowed to have gas protection…
The gas mask, and no specific need to spec for it.

They literally do get ‘some’ from the gas mask. If you spec to it, you get a LOT more protection.

It should be the opposite: The mask giving more, the skill a small surplus to the mask…
Otherwise, no one would ever need a mask!

So to speak of course, sir