Gates in Base defence mission: My God... What have you DONE?!

Hi devs.

Right, I’m not going to muck about. I want the person responsible for making the Gates at our home bases open incredibly, brain-explodingly slowly, and require a button prompt to not just open, but also CLOSE them, to own up RIGHT NOW.

This is NOT how you make missions more challenging. This just makes them FRUSTRATING. I just ran it on hard mode because I was bored and had seen AlcoholicPhoenix’s youtube video on the new “mechanic” and wanted to see what it was like.

While it’s a fun way of getting rid of a pile of 7.62 ammo, and I was STILL able to breeze through it, it’s ridiculous, bordering on the childish, that you’ve made the gates the primary reason why we can’t get close to the fight quickly. You have, once again, made the game SLOWER for no other reason than you can’t be bothered to work out how to make it CHALLENGING.

I’m not even angry any more. I’m just deeply, deeply disappointed.

I mean, come on! You’ve made this great game. You’ve obviously got a lot of talent. Don’t keep pissing the community’s goodwill up the wall with these inane, lazy, half-arsed measures that just annoy your own players.

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This was a well-requested feature by many. Surely the manual opening of the gates can’t affect your gameplay this much? :thinking:

Can someone else give some input into this?

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I believe the issue is the fact the gates move extremely slow conpared to how quickly they opened prior Base Assault Update. Thats the only negative on gates ive encountered after the update, manual is a good option to have.


Exactly. One or the other, not both.

You didn’t need to make the gates open this slowly, and if you did, you didn’t need to also make them manual.

And frankly, if you consider manually operated, continental-drift-esque slowly-moving gates a “feature,” then I’m fucking gobsmacked.

And I will just reiterate that I completed this on hard mode without my inner wall taking a single bullet, so I’m not complaining about it being too difficult, I’m just frustrated that every single update seems to be one that artificially slows the player down, in a game that requires you to move swiftly because you’re always dealing with an overwhelming threat, and half the joy of the game is being able to run around like a loony killing things while, if you do it right, your overpowered enemies who can basically one-shot you struggle to react.

It’d be like if From Software decided the best way to make Dark Souls more challenging was to make your dodge roll slower. No. That’s lazy. That’s amateur-hour. They’d just make the bosses BETTER.

OK, I really must apologise…

The gate issue is really just the straw that’s been threatening to break the camel’s back for me.

I’ve had a good friend stop playing the game because he has a disability (nerve damage in his right hand) that means he can’t use the weapon wheel properly, which meant he got killed constantly and it completely ruined his enjoyment. The assignments are frustrating beyond all belief because you never know which are going to work and which aren’t, and you can be chasing a reward that you really want only to find it’s bugged out after you’ve completed it, and every update seems to create new areas on the map that cause a hard crash. Also, all your missions are “go to x, read y, and go to z.” Could we PLEASE just have more missions? I’ll even write the random documents for you if that’s what the problem is.

I’m just so tired of it all. I really like this game, it’s been my primary game for ages, I’ve guided new players through the campaign and helped them kill rivals and reapers (and when the rewards have been crap, I’ve given them my 6c guns so they don’t get upset), it’s a genuinely lovely community and I want it to be great. So I apologise for losing my cool.

But I do genuinely want you lot to fix this shit.

Do you think you can mind your language while on the forums? I realise you’re frustrated but them’s the community guidelines. Please edit your posts.

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I can understand the @Infested Orca a little bit, new things are always being brought into play, which is also nice, but then things that comb before should also work properly, such as FMTel, which has been going for a good 3-4 weeks now either not at all or only massively delayed.
I can only say about the base gates that it is a worsening improvement on the one hand that they now open much too slowly and when they are set to manual you can no longer go at all without pressing a button very impractical in a base battle (even after leaving and restarting the game they are wide open).

Many of my bases didn’t even have a gate. :thinking:

I don’t need it.

You are able to build it in a way that you can enter and leave it without any gaps for enemies.

I would think about using manual gates as additional wall instead, as they do not affect the wall count… They are counted together with towers, if I’m right and if they didn’t change it with the base assault update.


Hey Zesiir. How are you, dude? I get the frustration of the gates - they used to work absolutely fine. I can’t imagine how someone thought that change was a good idea? What was broken about it? if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

And the Assignments! What’s going on with them? Is anyone fixing it? I wasted a whole week trying to do assignments and either they didn’t work, of didn’t give me any points. I shot a Harvester - it gave me 4/5 Harvesters. Er - okay. I then shot another twelve Harvesters and never managed to complete it.

I hit 5 cars, it gave me all ten, but no Resistance Points. I got four all week, trying every single Assignment. No goodies.

Is anyone aware, and what are they doing?

The gates are indeed too slow now, why did they change it?
They were fine before, had no issues at all with or about them.

Manual or automatic as a choice is fine but I’ll chime in with other commenters here. They are awfully slow. And to make matters worse the narrow soviet door gets confused if another player enters the auto opening area and it gets stuck in a loop opening a little and shutting a little.

I suggest you design your base so that you can easily exit and enter without the use of doors.

See this video for inspiration:

Heyo @Bootie , I am doing fine. Thanks for asking :slightly_smiling_face:

I do agree that they can increase the speed which the gate opens. What was “broken” about it was that many complained that it opens and closes automatically when you’re in the vicinity, so that was looked into.

You do know that you can change it between manual and automatic, right? Facing the structure, use the interactive menu.

Regarding the Assignments, I don’t know. It’s not working right, that’s for sure.


No, I found that at the second or third attempt! It was the speed of opening that made it ideal for defence missions when you might need to run out quickly to deal with some otherwise hidden threat. It also made a reassuring sound as you passed!

I just jumped in in passing on that - it was the Assignments that was my real beef as you’ve probably seen where I’ve commented on the right thread! It’s such a good idea and the setup is great. It worked one week and I got all the way and 5* weapons at the end of it. But now it’s not working at all. Have they not said anything about it?

Main thread is here, with dev response: